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Easily export you scrobbles to

If you've longed to make the leap from to its’ open-source ‘rival’ but the thought of losing your thousands of scrobbles put you off then do read on...

21 September 2010
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RhythmArty – Banshee style album browsing for Rhythmbox

Hardened Rhythmbox users longing for a Banshee-style Album Art browsing view need long no more. RhythmArty is a plugin for rhythmbox that provide such a view; allowing you to browse your music collection via large […]

19 September 2010
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Coverflow plug-in for Rhythmbox

Longing for a visually impressive way of browsing your music library in Rhythmbox? Can you say 'Coverflow time'!

16 September 2010
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Rhythmbox re-imagined Elementary style

German designer Jan stopped by the OMG! mail box today to share his mock-ups for an Elementary style Rhythmbox and Evolution. “Today I did some mockup images for Rhythmbox and Evolution (mail and calenderview) how […]

12 September 2010
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Rhythmbox finally gets the update Maverick testers have longed for…

Rhythmbox no-longer exits when you press the 'close' button. In Lucid pressing the 'close' window button minimized the main window to the Rhythmbox indicator. With the introduction of the new Sound Menu in Ubuntu 10.10 the last few months have required Maverick users to have Rhythmbox fully open on the desktop (or sat in the panel/dock) all the time.

10 September 2010
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Add Shoutcast to Rhythmbox

If you’re one of the estimated 600,000 daily Shoutcast web radio listeners you might be interested in this: a Shoutcast plugin for Rhythmbox. Although I’m not a massive fan of radio there are times, for whatever reason – […]

26 August 2010
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For what it’s worth: Rhythmbox gets a pause button, fixes bug from 2006

A small update to Ubuntu 10.10 a few days back brought something rather special to the table…. Nope, not a new icon set, PiTiVi with effects or even the stacks feature in Docky but a […]

9 August 2010
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Fullscreen Rhythmbox Plug-in – Your parties just got slicker

Whether you’re hosting a party with Rhythmbox providing the boom box duties or sat on your bed reading the latest Farscape comic and wanting to chill out with some ambiance the following fullscreen addon for […]

29 July 2010
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Scrobble to via rhythmbox

Scrobble Rhythmbox plays to your Libre.Fm account using the ScrobbleFree Rhythmbox plug-in. Libre.Fm is a free and open-source replacement for founded in 2009, and still under development, the service was forged on the principle […]

5 July 2010
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How to Import iTunes Podcasts in Rhythmbox

For better or worse iTunes has near-total domination of the podcast sector; it’s how most people I know – that don’t use Linux – get their podcast fix. You subscribe in iTunes, it downloads, it’s […]

15 June 2010
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Rhythmbox’s new icon – whether a mistake or real, I hope it stays.

There may not be many differences ‘on the surface’ in Maverick’s first alpha, but I couldn’t help but notice one visual change -a new Rhythmbox icon. How much nicer is that than the ‘current’ icon? […]

3 June 2010

Scrobble using the official Last.FM client with Rhythmbox

Although Rhythmbox comes with a plug-in to scrobble your plays to the service itself it does lacks some of the features that the dedicated player (available for Linux) provides. Although the official […]

30 April 2010