Longing for a visually impressive way of browsing your music library in Rhythmbox?

Can you say ‘Coverflow time’!

Reader mormope who suggested we write about ArtFlow shows it off on his desktop

Step 1: Get the plugin

There are two ways to go about acquiring the plug-in, called ArtFlow and developed by ‘manuwagner2009’.

The first is by pulling it from the SVN source-repository. Note that you will need to install subversion before you can do this.

Pull it via the terminal by entering: –

svn checkout http://rhythmbox-coverflow-plugin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ rhythmbox-coverflow-plugin-read-only

Alternatively, if you’d prefer an easy life, you can download a pre-packaged tarball below: –

Once downloaded extract the archive by right-clicking on it and choosing ‘Extract here’ from the menu.

Step 2

Now we need install the plug-in. Locate the ‘rhythmbox-coverflow-plugin-read-only’ folder (that you either pulled or extracted) and move it to the following location

  • home > username > .gnome2 > rhythmbox > plugins

To find ‘.gnome2’ in your home folder you may need to press CTRL+H first.

Step 3 – dependencies

To enable the plug-in there are a few extra dependencies that need to be installed. Click the link below to be prompted; if you are told it is already installed then you can move on to the next step. Otherwise install it before proceeding.

Step 4 – activate

Open Rhythmbox and navigate to ‘edit > plugins’. In the plug-ins window check the ‘art flow’ bow to enable the feature.


This plug-in works okay but doesn’t always pick up every album cover, so before you hit your screen/ditch RB for Banshee be aware of that.

Talking of covers the CoverFlow view can ‘freeze’ for a few seconds when first enabled as it processes cover-art – this is particularly true if you have a LOT of album covers for it to chomp through!

If the plugin doesn’t show up in the plug-in list do make sure that you have restarted Rhythmbox and not simply minimised it to the system tray/indicator icon/sound applet.

Thanks to mormope

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