German designer Jan stopped by the OMG! mail box today to share his mock-ups for an Elementary style Rhythmbox and Evolution.

“Today I did some mockup images for Rhythmbox and Evolution (mail and calenderview) how they could look  the elementary-way.”

Whilst we’ll skip over the Evolution mock-ups here (Postler, people, Postler) you can view those on Jans’ site. Google translate is your buddy if you don’t read German.

Rhythmbox elementary style

We’ve featured many Rhythmbox mock-ups over months gone by and whilst Jan’s mockup is probably the least drastic ‘restyle’ proposed it is also the one which looks most plausible.

It’s not that far removed from the current Rhythmbox interface under Elementary but as you may often hear us say around here “It’s the little thing that often matter”.

Default stock as-it-comes Rhythmbox

Idea elementary mockups Rhythmbox