Scrobble Rhythmbox plays to your Libre.Fm account using the ScrobbleFree Rhythmbox plug-in.

Libre.Fm is a free and open-source replacement for founded in 2009, and still under development, the service was forged on the principle of ensuring user privacy. Libre.Fm does not log users’ IP addresses, does not claim ownership of  users’ data and allows users the option of whether to display their listening habits publically. is a free network service that will allow users to share their musical tastes with other people. It should be more than just a free replacement for and It should have its own identity and features.”

Scrobble to from Rhythmbox

The ScrobbleFree plugin for Rhythmbox is capable of scrobbling to both Last.Fm and Libre.Fm. Last.Fm.


  • sudo add-apt-repsoitory ppa:rsalveti/scrobblefree
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install scrobblefree
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