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Google Summer of Code: Projects for Rhythmbox, UbuntuOne, Banshee, More

With Google’s annual Summer of Code very nearly upon on us the list of accepted projects that developers will spend the summer getting paid to work on are all but out. With that in mind […]

28 April 2010
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Little Things That Matter: Rhythmbox Indicator Applet

The Rhythmbox indicator applet in Ubuntu 10.04 gained ‘now playing’ information in an update earlier today. As I waxed so lyrical about in my previous ‘Little things that matter’ post on the MessagingMenu in Lucid […]

4 March 2010
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Rhythmbox Cover Art Browser

Ever wanted to browse your music collection via cover art in Rhythmbox? Say hello to the ‘Art Display Browser’ plug-in by Manuw2009. not my theme; yes that it rhythmbox Features Once installed the cover-art mode […]

12 February 2010
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Auto-Queue Similar Tracks In Rhythmbox Using Last.FM

I posted earlier about Banshee’s magical playlist generator that queues songs in your library based on them sounding similar. Rhythmbox users can get something similar by making use of Last.FM reccomendations via the Dynamic Tracks […]

29 December 2009
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Rhythmbox Context Pane Coming In 0.12.6

Rhythmbox is sometimes over-looked when the virtues of Ubuntu music players are discussed. Perhaps people assume that because it is the default that it only provides “the basics”. As we’ve shown you here on Omg!Ubuntu! […]

21 December 2009
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Record Multiple Radio Stream At the Same Time In Rhythmbox

Recording radio station streams or excerpts has been made super-easy thanks to the snappily titled ‘Record radio stations’ plug-in for Rhythmbox. Its main set of features provides: – Recording multiple stations at the same time […]

17 December 2009
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Share Your Rhythmbox Library with Empathy Contacts

Want to share your music collection with a contact over Empathy? Yesterday i told you how to do it in Banshee, now it’s the turn of Rhythmbox! As with the Banshee plug-in that offers the […]

23 November 2009
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Humanity-Style Icons: Liferea, Fusion, Sonata, Rhythmbox & Gwibber

You know the drill by now! Humanity Style Icons for another batch of applications. Fusion Download @ Install ALT+F2 gksu nautilus /usr/share/icons/hicolor/24×24/apps/ Replace old icon with new one ALT+F2 gksudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/hicolor Rhythmbox Download […]

10 November 2009
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Rhythmbox 0.12.5 Released

Rhythmbox has been updated to 0.12.5, bringing with it new bug fixes and a new music-cover fetching feature. Codenamed “Stop Beathin’”, this new version brings 3 notable improvements: – Cover Art Search now uses […]

20 September 2009
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5 Rhythmbox Plugins You Should Install

Rhythmbox ships with many popular plug-ins already installed – such as lastfm scrobble support, visualizations, DAAP music sharing and iPod support, but you can expand Rhythmbox’s features further with third party plug-ins that range from […]

25 August 2009