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[How To] Add a CoverArt Browser to Rhythmbox

Looking for a visually slick way to browse your music collection in Rhythmbox? The following CoverArt Browser plugin might be just what you're after...

19 November 2012
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‘WebMenu’ Adds Handy Web Links to Rhythmbox

WebMenu is a new Rhythmbox plugin that takes the pain out of finding artist, album, or song info online. For example, when listening to music on shuffle I often come across that I haven't heard from in a while. With WebMenu enabled I can press CTRL+W; right click on a track; or use the HUD to instantly open up their page on Wikipedia to see what they're up to.

29 August 2012
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Handy Plugin to Sync Last.FM Playcount With Rhythmbox

Sync your play counts on Last.FM to your Rhythmbox music collection. The following plugin updates Rhythmbox with a track's playcount from That way, regardless of where or what you scrobble your music from your playcounts in Rhythmbox will remain up-to-date.

29 December 2011
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Banshee, Tomboy And Mono Dropped from Ubuntu 12.04 CD

Banshee will be replaced by Rhythmbox for Ubuntu 12.04. The news was confirmed during the wrap-up session of the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

4 November 2011
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Rhythmbox to Return As Ubuntu 12.04 Default Music App?

What applications will be shipping out-of-the-box in Ubuntu 12.04? The bi-annual 'default apps' discussion taking place at this weeks Ubuntu Developer Summit has tasked itself with locking in a set of preferred choices.

2 November 2011

How to install the latest Rhythmbox (including its new plugin) in Ubuntu 10.10

The recent update to music player Rhythmbox brought with it many feature updates and fixes. Amongst these came a newly souped-up Last FM plugin offering up detailed user stats, artist recommendations and support for music streaming. Maverick users can now install it via a dedicated backport PPA.

15 December 2010
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Easily add a Rythmbox ‘remove’ item keyboard shortcut

Does Rhythmbox's lack of a keyboard shortcut for the 'Remove' option annoy you? Well here's an easy way to add a short-cut key of your choice

19 October 2010
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Album Art Search plug-in for Rhythmbox

Search for missing album artwork directly from Rhythmbox using the following ‘AlbumArtSearch‘ plug-in. The add-on searches the web for album art/images of the currently playing song. From the resulting images, one can be set as […]

4 October 2010
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Cover art extension RhythmArty updates with new display options

Yeah, yeah I know – you’re all sick of posts somehow pertaining back to Rhythmbox but news is news, kiddies and when it involves one of our favourite Rhythmbox extensions – the excellent Album Art […]

23 September 2010
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Rhythm-e: Elementary take on Rhythmbox

What's that sound? The sound of Rhythmbox meeting Elementary.

22 September 2010
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Import iTunes ratings in to Rhythmbox

Importing your music collections ratings from iTunes to Rhythmbox is a wheeze using this 'iTunesToRhythm' script by a user called ‘Doug’. Hit up the full article after the jump for a download link and usage instructions.

22 September 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Rhythmbox extensions

We list our five favourite extensible features for Rhythmbox in this weeks OMG! 5!

21 September 2010