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Rhythmbox 3.4.5 Improves Its Support for Podcasts

Rhythmbox 3.4.5 is available to download. It includes big improvements to podcast downloading, playback, and management plus a raft of smaller tweaks.

2 May 2022
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Xubuntu 21.10 Gains New Apps, Including a Clipboard Manager

Xubuntu 21.10 will include a clutch of new apps when released later this year. Xubuntu devs have detailed the new apps they plan to include, details inside!

30 July 2021

Why Rhythmbox’s Much-Needed Makeover Might Not Be Happening

Plans to bring Rhythmbox's dated UI into the modern era have hit a snag, with contributors pressing for change at odds with those who gatekeep the codebase.

21 February 2021

Rhythmbox 3.4.4 Adds ListenBrainz Plugin, New App Icon

A new version of Rhythmbox, Ubuntu’s default music player app, is available. Rhythmbox 3.4.4 is a small update to this venerable player and was released back in January (but I’ve only just heard about it). […]

13 February 2020

Rhythmbox is Finally Adopting Client Side Decorations

Rhythmbox music player is finally sorting its oversized toolbar out! The next major release of the well-known Linux audio app is set to adopt a GTK header bar┬áby default. The aim? A refined, more compact […]

14 January 2019
Rhythmbox Alternative Toolbar Overview

Why Rhythmbox Looks Very Different in Ubuntu 17.10

The Rhythmbox music player will look very different in Ubuntu 17.10, due for release later this year. But the changes on show aren’t because there’s been a new release. Instead, Ubuntu devs plan to make […]

10 August 2017
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How to Pause Music When Lock Screen Kicks in on Ubuntu, Linux Mint + More

Pause on Lock is a simple script that can pause music on Ubuntu when the lock screen kicks in. When you return to your desktop and log back in whatever you were listening to resumes, […]

1 August 2017

Make Rhythmbox Look Better with this Alternative Toolbar Plugin

Rhythmbox Alternative Toolbar is a Rhythmbox plugin that improves the look and layout of the music player by rearranging elements and using CSD.

21 June 2017
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Rhythmbox 3.4 Released With New Web Remote Plugin

A new version of Rhythmbox, the oft-overlooked desktop music app preinstalled on Ubuntu, is now available to download.

18 August 2016

Rhythmbox Cover Art Browser Plugin 2.0 Hits Beta

Fans of the Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser plugin will find plenty of new features in its latest beta, which is now available for testing.

30 June 2014

Browsing Music By Album Art in Linux Media Apps

I prefer using music players on Linux that let me browse my music by album art. Why? And what apps let me do it? In this post I explain.

2 October 2013
Ubuntu One Music Store in Rhythmbox

Ubuntu One Music Store to be Removed from Rhythmbox in 12.04, 12.10

The Ubuntu One Music Store is to be removed from Rhythmbox in Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04 in favour of the online store.

16 April 2013