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Nautilus aping Finder a little too well…

Like many of us DeviantArt user DG09 likes to cap, post and upload screenshots of his Ubuntu desktop every month.

10 December 2010
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Use Nautilus’ Emblems feature to keep your home folder organised

Nautilus has a little-known feature called emblems which goes underused on the whole. Find out how you can use emblems to enhance your file browsing experience and pretty up Ubuntu even more.

23 November 2010
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Nautilus Imgur uploading Script updated with login feature

Last week I posted about Tommy Brunn’s ace Imgur nautilus script that makes image uploading a right-click breeze. On that post many readers wished for ‘login’ support so that images could be uploaded to their […]

21 November 2010
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Quickly upload images to Imgur via Nautilus

Does what it says on the tin. Or in this case menu entry.

19 November 2010
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Periscope subtitle downloader integrates with Nautilus and Totem movie player

Periscope is a subtitles search engine add-on that takes the tedium out of tracking down your favourite TV or Movie text. It integrates with both Totem and Nautilus (via Right Click menu entry) making it […]

13 September 2010
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Nautilus Terminal: GUI meets CLI

I spotted sight of the following application over on the very ace  Cewen’s blog and found it so nerdily cool (and also seemingly useful) that I haven’t been able to resist posting about it. As […]

11 September 2010
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Nautilus’s revamped ‘places’ sidebar

As part of Nautilus’s ongoing revamp – which will see Zeitgesit integration, a beautiful new breadcrumb path-bar & the long-overdue ‘undo’ feature amongst other things – a newly redesigned Places sidebar has been committed as ‘fixed’ in the GNOME […]

25 August 2010
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Remove thumbs.db files from folders automatically

Windows thumbnail cache files (thumbs.db) are useful for speeding up file browsing on Windows-based operating systems but are largely useless in Ubuntu. Granted, they aren’t a massive space-hogger nor are they any sort of threat, […]

16 August 2010
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make breadcrumbs in Nautilus toast by switching the default back to ‘text entry’.

Love to kick your file-browsing old-school? Think that the default navigation bar in Nautilus in crumby? Want to switch back to the traditional olde ‘location entry’ mode, rendering those breadcrumbs toast? Okay, enough of the […]

15 August 2010
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Nautilus update in Maverick bring many new fixes, changes

A new upstream version of Nautilus, Ubuntu’s default file browser, has landed in Maverick. Normally there isn’t much to report on but with with the 10.10 Feature Freeze nigh a veritable slew of changes, fixes n’ features have […]

12 August 2010
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Edit, work on & save your Google Docs via Nautilus, no browser needed!

Ever wanted to mount your Google Docs library as a drive in Nautilus so you can edit and save to your Google Docs directly from your desktop, no browser-needed? Everyone’s favorite tea-drinker Martin Owens has […]

12 August 2010

Improve the look of Thumbnails In Nautilus 2.30 (quick hack)

During the Lucid cycle default Ubuntu file-manager Nautilus added a thick white border around the display of file thumbnails. At the time this was considered an improvement by most. Several months on and, well, many […]

31 July 2010