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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Will Ship An Older Version Of Nautilus

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will ship with an older version of Nautilus than originally planned, a decision that will mean LTS users miss on a number of new features.

4 February 2016

Nautilus File Search Is About To Get A Big Power Up

Finding files in Nautilus, the default GNOME file manager, is about to get a whole heap easier.

12 October 2015
Google Drive Linux

GNOME 3.18 Will Let You Access Your Google Drive Files in Nautilus

GNOME 3.18 is to introduce native support for Google Drive through the default GNOME file manager 'Files' (formerly Nautilus).

8 September 2015
change folder icon color in nautilus

Easily Change Color of Folder Icons in Ubuntu With This Tool

If you ever fancy retooling your home folder to look like a rainbow, Folder Color lets you change colors ad-hoc with a right-click menu.

25 April 2014
LIM in 14.04

Ubuntu Brings Full Menus Back to Nautilus, Other Apps in 14.04

Ubuntu has 'patched' several GNOME applications, including the Nautilus file manager, to display full application menus in the upcoming release of 14.04 LTS.

2 March 2014

Ubuntu To Create New File Manager for Unity 8 Desktop

With the scheduled switch to Unity 8 on the Ubuntu desktop creeping ever closer, Ubuntu developers are debating whether a new file manager is needed.

3 February 2014
new-nautilus in Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 14.04 May Re-Enable Nautilus ‘Type-Ahead’ Feature

Type-ahead searching in the Nautilus file-manager could be re-added in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, developers have said.

12 January 2014

Future of Nautilus in Ubuntu Discussed at UDS

Discussion on Ubuntu 13.04's choice of default file manager was one of the headline sessions in the second day of the latest UDS. Integration, design and accessibility issues were all raised during the 50 minute discussion, which centered around what Ubuntu needs to patch or re-add to the 'new' Nautilus for it to remain useful to Ubuntu users.

30 October 2012
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Linux Mint Explain Nautilus Fork, Call New Version a “Catastrophe”

Linux Mint's reaction to the 'controversial' changes introduced in Nautilus 3.6 was simple: fork it.

4 September 2012
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Ubuntu 12.10 Will Ship With Older Version of Nautilus

Ubuntu 12.10 will ship with an older version of Nautilus, an update has confirmed. GNOME's feature removals in Nautilus 3.5.x - which included the popular 'type-ahead' and 'split-pane' views - along with a streamlined UI redesign proved controversial with users.

23 August 2012
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Ubuntu 12.10 May Ship With Older, But More Featured, Nautilus

Over in the development land of Ubuntu 12.10, a new version of the 'new Nautilus' has landed - bringing with it yet another feature removal. And so the question that is now being asked by developers and users alike is: Should Ubuntu revert to an older version of Nautilus to keep this feature, and the many others hacked out?

8 August 2012
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Linux Mint Fork Nautilus

Over 4000 readers have expressed disappointment with the new 'design' for Files - the new name for Nautilus - in our recent poll. So the following news will be music to 8,000 ears: Linux Mint have decided to fork it.

6 August 2012