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Ubuntu 12.10 May Ship With Older, But More Featured, Nautilus

Over in the development land of Ubuntu 12.10, a new version of the 'new Nautilus' has landed - bringing with it yet another feature removal. And so the question that is now being asked by developers and users alike is: Should Ubuntu revert to an older version of Nautilus to keep this feature, and the many others hacked out?

8 August 2012
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Linux Mint Fork Nautilus

Over 4000 readers have expressed disappointment with the new 'design' for Files - the new name for Nautilus - in our recent poll. So the following news will be music to 8,000 ears: Linux Mint have decided to fork it.

6 August 2012
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Is The New Nautilus A Step In The Right Direction? [Poll]

Is Nautilus being steered in the right direction, one with simplicity and a focus on core features as its destination? Or are GNOME developers driving the trusty file manager off the edge of a cliff with uncessary changes and feature removals? Share your opinion on our poll.

30 July 2012

Nautilus Patch Brings Missing File Manager Features Back to Ubuntu

Over the last year or so Nautilus, the default file manager in GNOME and Ubuntu, has gone through various UI changes. But not all of these changes have been popular. Nautilus Patch is a small hack that lets you re-enable some previously removed toolbar options, including 'Up', 'Edit location toogle' and hiding the search box.

23 July 2012
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New Look Nautilus Lands in Ubuntu 12.10

A new-look Nautilus file manager has landed in Ubuntu 12.10. The changes, which include a rejigged toolbar; new sidebar icons; and re-placed app menu, come directly from 'upstream' GNOME development. GNOME developers have stripped back the file-manager interface to make it 'more like a GNOME 3 app'.

18 July 2012
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Tom’s Top 5 Apps for Ubuntu

This is a guest post by Tom Slominski, a 15 year old Ubuntu user who 'loves Linux, open source and web development with a tad of alternative rock sprinkled on top.' Here Tom runs through his top 5 app picks for Ubuntu.

17 May 2012
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Privacy Controls & Minor UI Tweaks Land in Ubuntu 12.04

With Ubuntu 12.04 edging closer to its developmental deadlines many of the more visual features and changes are beginning to land in updates. Many of the latest changes, highlighted below, were expected, having previously been highlighted in […]

7 February 2012
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Nautilus Quicklist Adds Bookmark Support for Precise

Support for accessing bookmarked folders through the Nautilus Quicklist in Ubuntu 12.04 has finally arrived. The feature, one long overdue, lists user's bookmarks - both custom and default - alongside a static entry for opening a new Nautilus window. Which is all very handy.

17 January 2012
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[How to] Add Actions, Emblem Support Back to Nautilus in Ubuntu 11.10

If you ever find wishing you could right click on a file folder to open it as root, convert it to an MP3 or hide it then the following pack of Nautilus Scripts is worth […]

16 December 2011
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[How to] Move Nautilus Navigation Buttons back to the Left in Ubuntu

Does the placing of the 'back' and 'forward' navigation buttons in GNOME 3's Nautilus bug you? Let it no more: OMG! Ubuntu! reader Tim has written up a solution on switching the navigation arrows back to their old placing.

3 December 2011
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Latest GNOME 3 Nautilus Mock-ups Point to Refined Look

GNOME designer Allan Day has updated GNOME 3's Nautilus mock-ups with a refined new look. The changes see Nautilus follow GNOME 3's new application design patterns.

28 November 2011
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[How to] Set Location Bar In Nautilus As Default

Nautilus in Ubuntu displays a button-based pathbar by default. Although I, like many, prefer this approach because it's simple to navigate and easy to understand, you may prefer to have an address bar show by default. Read on for instructions on how to do just that.

9 November 2011