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Edit, work on & save your Google Docs via Nautilus, no browser needed!

Ever wanted to mount your Google Docs library as a drive in Nautilus so you can edit and save to your Google Docs directly from your desktop, no browser-needed? Everyone’s favorite tea-drinker Martin Owens has […]

12 August 2010

Improve the look of Thumbnails In Nautilus 2.30 (quick hack)

During the Lucid cycle default Ubuntu file-manager Nautilus added a thick white border around the display of file thumbnails. At the time this was considered an improvement by most. Several months on and, well, many […]

31 July 2010
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Yet another proposed future for Nautilus

We’ve covered tweaks, add-ons, analysis, proposals and more when it comes to Nautilus. Garret LeSage’s design idea’s for Nautilus cover’s much of the same ground as some of the other analysis that we’ve looked at before, […]

24 June 2010
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The perfect File Manager?

We’ve seen a tonne of awesome re-designed Nautilus mock-ups, nautilus tweaks, hacks & add-ons, Nautilus critiques, rants & diatribes over the last few months. From a top-down view it could easily appear as though all […]

20 June 2010
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Nautilus Elementary adds Toolbar Editor; fulfils bug opened in 2001

Nautilus-Elementary – the simplified and gorgeous file-browser that is fast turning heads everywhere – will soon be adding a new feature that users the world over have been asking GNOME developers to include by default […]

31 May 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary With Zeitgeist Brings Semantic file browsing to Ubuntu [Screencast]

Nautilus-Elementary developer ammonkey  has kindly provided OMG! Ubuntu! with a screen cast demonstrating Zeitgeist integration with the popular well designed file manager the pairing of which see’s, potentially, the first semantic file browser for GNOME. […]

12 May 2010
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Nautilus file conflict bug Fixed after 8 years

Here’s something to look forward to in Meerkat and GNOME 2.31.1: an improved file conflict dialogue. Currently nautilus just informs that a file with the same name already exists and asks if you want to […]

1 May 2010
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Tyler on Ubuntu: Nautilus

Guest post by Tyler James With the release of Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 I’ve been thinking quite a bit about File Browsers. I did a comparisonof the 4 file browsers I see the most often, (Finder, Nautilus, […]

26 April 2010