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linux kernel

Linux Kernel 4.14 Released, This is What’s New

Linus Torvalds has announced the release of a Linux 4.14, the latest stable release of the Linux kernel, and it's packed full of changes and new features.

12 November 2017
Linux 4.13 kernel

Linux 4.13 Released, This Is What’s New

Linux Kernel 4.13 is officially out! Announcing the release on the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) Linus Torvalds says: “last week was actually somewhat eventful, but not enough to push me to delay 4.13,” going on to […]

4 September 2017
happy birthday linux

Happy Birthday Linux!

Happy 26th birthday Linux! Yes, it’s that time of the year once again, the day which most open-source enthusiasts consider to be the famous kernel’s formal founding. It was on this day 26 years ago […]

25 August 2017
purism librem 5 linux smartphone

Purism is Crowdfunding an Encrypted Linux Phone

Crowdfunding for a Linux phone that respects your privacy and keep your data secure is underway by Linux laptop maker Purism.

24 August 2017
linux phone mockup

Purism to Announce a Linux Phone Soon?

Hardware company Purism is best known for being the driving force behind the goal of creating a truly free software laptop — but are they about to launch a Linux phone? Fuelling speculation that, yes, […]

19 July 2017
generic tux

Did You Know That Linux Users Make the Most Valuable Customers?

Are Linux users the most valuable customers you can have? It might sound like a bit of an ego rub, but we think so — and we’re going to tell you why. Over the years […]

18 July 2017
expanse terminal in episode 9

Oye! Earth Still Uses Linux in the 23rd Century

What operating system will be in use in the 23rd century? For fictional inhabitants of The Expanse, a critically acclaimed sci-fi series, it's Linux.

12 July 2017
Linux kernel stats

Wow, Linux 4.12 Really Was a HUGE Release [Stats]

"Linux 4.12 is big, really big, like bigger than you thought big," Gregs says in an update on his Google+ profile — and he's made a chart to prove it.

4 July 2017
linux market share

Stats Say Linux Marketshare Hit All-Time High Last Month

Desktop Linux marketshare hit an all-time high last month, according to the latest data from web analytics firm NetMarketShare.

3 July 2017
tux distros

Are You a Distro Hopper? [Poll]

Are you a regular distro hopper? Is distro hopping your pastime? Or are you content with your current Linux distribution? Let us know in this week's poll.

23 June 2017
generic tux linux mascot

Linux Marketshare Is Above 2-Percent For Third Month in a Row

The latest stats from analytics companies show Linux is maintaining a marketshare of over 2% — but is it what it seems?

27 October 2016
generic tux linux mascot

“Why Use Linux?” Answered In 3 Short Words

This post is not a typical post. I'm not going to change your life, or teach you a new trick. Instead I'm going to drag you down the rabbit hole…

19 October 2016