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Purism Want To Make a Truly Open-Source Linux Phone

Would you buy a truly open-source phone running nothing but free software? If you would, Purism want to know the sort of hardware specs you'd expect to get from it.

2 October 2016

You Can’t Install Linux on a Microsoft Signature Edition Laptop (Updated)

It seems that Microsoft Signature Edition PCs prevent you from installing Linux, with a Lenovo rep saying this is "per our agreement with Microsoft".

21 September 2016

Uber’s Self-driving Pickups In Pittsburgh are Powered by Ubuntu

Uber users in Pittsburgh, USA, might be surprised to find that their next lift is in a self driving car that's powered by Ubuntu.

14 September 2016
tesla ubuntu

Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Capabilities Demoed With Ubuntu

Ubuntu? In self-driving cars? What is this madness?!

7 September 2016
25 things linux

Must Read: 25 Awesome Things Powered By Linux

From your kitchen to the reaches of outer space, Linux is truly everywhere. Here are 25 different places where you can hear the beating of an open-source heart.

25 August 2016

Happy 25th Birthday, Linux!

If you're a big fan of Linux then you'll know that today, August 25, is pretty special. Legendary, in fact.

25 August 2016
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Linux Desktop Marketshare Just Passed 2 Percent

Worldwide Linux marketshare has passed 2% for the first time, according to data from analytics company Net Market Share.

1 July 2016

This New Website Makes It Easy To Learn Linux

Want to learn about Linux? Check out this great new website. It offers bitesized lessons on how Linux works, from command line to kernel.

2 June 2016

Google Chrome Axes Support for ALL 32-bit Linux Distros

Google Chrome is to drop support for all 32-bit Linux distros from March, 2016.

22 January 2016

A World Without Linux Video Series: Episode 1

A new video series has been launched to mark the 24th anniversary of the Linux Kernel - and asks you to imagine a world without it.

6 October 2015

Linux Kernel 3.18 Released, This Is What’s New

A new month means a new stable release of the Linux Kernel and today Linus Torvalds has announced the immediate availability of Linux 3.18.

8 December 2014

Linux Kernel 3.17 Is Out With Plenty of New Features

The latest stable release of the Linux kernel, 3.17, has been released. It brings a batch of GPU updates and enhanced hardware support.

6 October 2014