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Tux logo holding a sign for 3.16 kernel release

This Is What’s New In Linux 3.16

Linus posted a new stable release of the Linux kernel this weekend. Great. But what changes does it bring? Take a look...

4 August 2014

Wil Wheaton ‘Not Crazy’ About Direction Ubuntu Is Taking

Wil Wheaton — demi-god to geeks, celebrated actor, witty chap and, more importantly to us, one of the most famous faces to champion Linux.

10 March 2014

11 Percent of Windows XP Users Will Switch to Linux, Survey Claims

11% of organisations using Windows XP plan to switch to Linux soon, a survey conducted by Tech Pro Research shows.

21 February 2014

NSA Wanted Backdoor Access In Linux, Says Linus Torvalds’ Father

The United States' National Security Agency (NSA) are alleged to have to asked the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, to create 'backdoors' into GNU/Linux through which they could access.

19 November 2013

Steam-Powered Mini-PC Gets Detailed At CES

It might not be the strongly-rumoured Steambox games console itself, but on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 a physical prototype of a Steam-powered mini-PC has been on show. Valve have teamed up with hardware vendor Xi3 to build a modular, miniature PC, which is currently code-named 'Piston'.

8 January 2013
tux the linux penguin

New Video Celebrates Linux Success in 2012

A new video celebrating the achievements of Linux during 2012 has been published online by the Linux Foundation. At 2:38 minutes long the video offers whirlwind highlights of a number of milestones reached by the open-source Unix operating system during the last 12 months.

13 December 2012

Android SDK Installer for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)

I’m fan of automation, as well as simplicity and as much as I tend to complicate my own life I generally enjoy making life easier for others.

30 July 2012

[Video] How Linux Is Built

You use Linux daily - but do you know how it's built? The Linux Foundation explain in this slick 3-minute video.

3 April 2012
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Apple Tried to Hire Linus Torvalds, Kill Linux

Could you imagine a world without Linux? Such a thought could have been stark reality had Apple managed to successfully recruit Linus Torvalds back in 2000.

21 March 2012
No Netflix on Ubuntu

Netflix: No plans to Support Linux

Back in July of last year after wrapping up at OSCON I shared a bit of information that brought some hope to the Linux community. While at the event I got a chance to speak with two engineers from Netflix […]

11 February 2012
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Valve Posts Job Listing For Linux Software Engineer

In a turn of events not unlike we've seen before, Valve has posted a job listing for a Senior Software Engineer to work on their "highly available digital distribution platform" Steam. However, unlike past job postings which have mentioned Linux and left some ambiguity as to what exactly Valve might be working on in this area, this posting clearly says the word "games" in one of the responsibilities out of the six listed.

18 January 2012
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Linux Marketshare is Rising

Linux usage is on the rise if the latest data from net-statistics firm ‘NetMarketShare’ is to be believed. Data collected by the company sees the market share of Linux jump from 0.96% in January 2011 […]

4 January 2012