linux 4.13 kernelLinux Kernel 4.13 is officially out!

Announcing the release on the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) Linus Torvalds says: “last week was actually somewhat eventful, but not enough to push me to delay 4.13,going on to recount some personal issues involving a kidney stone — ouch!

“Go get the new kernel,” he encourages.

The next release, Linux 4.14, will be a Long Term Support (LTS) release.

Linux 4.13 Features

Among the Linux 4.13 features you will find the following hardware and software improvements:

  • Initial Intel Cannonlake & Coffeelake support
  • HDMI 3D/stereoscopic support in Nouveau driver
  • DRM object sync support
  • Thunderbolt improvements
  • Support for the Retrode2 joypad adapter
  • Support for the Razer Atrox Arcade Stick
  • Support for ASUS Zen AIO MD-5110 keyboard
  • Improved Intel SST Atom support
  • Misc file system improvements for Brtfs, EXT4, F2FS and XFS
  • AppArmor code commits from Canonical

Each kernel update adds support for new ARM devices/boards/SoCs and Linux 4.13 is no exception. It adds support for the Bubblegum 96, the Rockchip RV1108 SoC, and many of the newer Orange Pi boards including the Orange Pi Win, Orange Pi Zero Plus 2, and Orange Pi Prime.

For a fuller look at everything that’s new in Linux Kernel 4.13 head over to the official mailing list announcement and follow the links.

Install Linux 4.13 on Ubuntu

Only the brave and foolish will want to upgrade to Linux 4.13 on Ubuntu right now as it requires the use of mainline Linux kernel builds intended for Ubuntu developers to use in debug and testing. Undeterred? The UUKU app makes it easy to install mainline Linux kernel on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 17.10 will use the Linux 4.13 kernel by default, while this kernel (or later) will be back ported to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in the next point release.

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