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Adobe Style Icons for GIMP and Inkscape

Want to replace GIMP and Inkscape's icons for uniform Adobe Creative Suite-esque alternatives? Well, you can.

4 April 2016
4 icons themes for linux

Drab Desktop? Try These 4 Beautiful Linux Icon Themes

Ubuntu's default icon theme hasn't changed much in almost 5 years, save for the odd new icon here and there. If you're tired of how it looks we're going to show you a handful of gorgeous alternatives that will easily freshen things up.

5 September 2014
change folder icon color in nautilus

Easily Change Color of Folder Icons in Ubuntu With This Tool

If you ever fancy retooling your home folder to look like a rainbow, Folder Color lets you change colors ad-hoc with a right-click menu.

25 April 2014

Need an Icon for Your Ubuntu Touch App? This Awesome Guy Is Offering To Help

Designer Sam Hewitt is offering to help Ubuntu Touch developers create custom-made icons for their applications.

17 February 2014

Ubuntu’s New Mobile And Desktop Icon Theme Gets Shown Off

It's been a long time coming but work a revamped set of icons for the Ubuntu desktop is underway in 14.04 – and we've got screenshots.

22 November 2013

Moka – The Most Delicious Linux Icon Set Available Right Now

Moka is my favourite alternative Ubuntu icon set right now - and I think it could end up being your new fave, too.

27 August 2013

Flat Theme Trend Continues With Plateau Icons for Linux

Here's an icon set that will please those into 'flat design' - it's what clichéd people on the TV would called 'bang on trend' right now.

20 August 2013
skype in unity

Microsoft Ask Ubuntu To Remove Skype Icon From System

It's sayonara to a Skype icon few users have actually seen. Yes, it's time for an oddball bug fix.

24 April 2013

New Ubuntu Software Center Icon Arrives in Raring

A new icon for the Ubuntu Software Center has landed in Raring. The 'angled non-branded bag of exploding apps' design has been swapped for a sleeker front-on view carrying an 'A' emblem.

20 March 2013
Icons Changes in 13.04

Ubuntu 13.04 Updates Nautilus & Update Tool Icons

File manager Nautilus and system utility Software Updater have been given new icons in the recent updates to Ubuntu 13.04.

12 March 2013

New Dash Icons Proposed for Ubuntu 13.04

Updated navigation bar icons for the Unity Dash have been proposed for Ubuntu 13.04. The updated designs by Matthieu James iterate rather than overhaul those currently used in Ubuntu.

12 December 2012

Ubuntu Updates Software Center, Update Manager Icons in 13.04

Ubuntu designers have unveiled an updated set of icons for use in Unity. New icons for the Ubuntu Software Center, the Software Updater, and Nautilus have been 'released'.

21 November 2012