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Ubuntu Updates Software Center, Update Manager Icons in 13.04

Ubuntu designers have unveiled an updated set of icons for use in Unity. New icons for the Ubuntu Software Center, the Software Updater, and Nautilus have been 'released'.

21 November 2012
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Are Ubuntu’s Software Icons Confusing?

Are Ubuntu's icons for the Software Center, Update Manager and Software Sources inconsistent and confusing for new users? Some users think so, including Sam Hewitt who has posted a set of proposed replacement icons to the Unity Design Mailing List.

12 November 2012

Faenza Icon Set Updates, Adds New App Icons

Popular icon set 'Faenza' has been updated to support Ubuntu 12.10. New icons for Ubuntu One Music and Ubuntu Online Accounts have been added, and new designs debut for Twitter, Spotify and Contact

30 October 2012
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Ubuntu Icon Theme ‘Nitrux’ Gets Updated With New Icons

Nitrux-umd - our Ubuntu friendly spinoff of the minimal 'Nitrux' icon theme has been updated with a variety of new icons and bugfixes.

24 September 2012

Ubuntu Add New Message Indicator Icons

The Ubuntu 12.10 icon theme has been updated with new status items for use in the Messaging Menu. A total of 24 new messaging indicator icons were added - 12 for use with the default 'mono-dark' icon set, and 12 for use with the 'mono-light' version.

30 August 2012
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Nitrux Icon Theme for Linux – Faenza Meets Zen

We all like to spice our Ubuntu desktops up now and again, and the easiest way to do it is by changing the icon theme. Nitrux is a new squared icon set for Linux that sports clean lines, smooth gradients, and simple icon logos.

28 August 2012
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New Icon Theme Lands in Lubuntu 12.10

A refreshed icon theme has landed in Lubuntu 12.10. The set, named 'Box', remains in keeping with the elementary-based icon theme Lubuntu has used as default in previous releases.

3 August 2012
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FS Icon Theme for Ubuntu Get Expanded

FS Icons - a glossy icon set inspired by an unused peice of Ubuntu branding - has been updated with a wider selection of icons and refreshed folders.

19 March 2012
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Get Better Looking Folder Icons in Ubuntu with FS Icons

The default Ubuntu icon theme isn't the most glamourous of icon sets but I like that; it doesn't distract me from working or get in the way. But that's not to say it couldn't do with a bit of oomph in a few places.

13 March 2012
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Does Gwibber Need a New Icon?

The icon for Ubuntu's default social client Gwibber is nice enough but could it be better?

10 February 2012

Revamped Elementary Icons Made Available for Testing

Elementary fans can now test the latest changes to the popular icon set via a 'testing PPA'. Elementary's semi-iconic icon theme set is getting a overhaul in time for the next release of their Ubuntu-based OS.

29 December 2011
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Faenza Icons for Humble Indie Bundle Games

With the release of every new Humble Indie Bundle comes an influx of additional applications to my desktop. But as these don't match the Faenza icon theme the OCD-esque desire for desktop consistency prevents me from adding shortcuts to many of these games to the Unity Launcher. But that's where the 'Humble Faenza Bundle' - a set of Faenza-style icons for Humble-Bundeled games - comes in.

15 December 2011