It’s been a while since we last spotlighted an icon theme on this site, so when I noticed that Flat Remix recently put out an update, I figured it was a good opportunity to mention it here.

The Flat Remix icon theme is, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, a flat icon theme for Linux (specifically GNOME-based) desktops.

Inspired by Google’s Material Design ethic, Flat Remix uses shadows, highlights and gradients to add depth to many of its icons. Combined with the use of bold colors and heavy contrast, the theme has a (somewhat ironically) somewhat 3D feel in places.

With flat design being trend du jour at the moment it’s easy to mistake one bright, flat, colorful theme for another. So while Flat Remix bears a superficial relation to the (terrific) Papirus icon theme (among others) it’s only because its shares the use of bold colors and layering.

You can download the latest release of Flat Remix from Github:

Download Flat Remix icon theme from Github

Arch Linux users can install this icon theme through the AUR.

To install the theme on Ubuntu you need extract the .zip archive you downloaded above and move the Flat Remix folder to ~/.icons. (To see hidden folder press Ctrl + H).

To set the Flat Remix icon theme as your icon set use Unity Tweak Tool or GNOME Tweak Tool, both available from Ubuntu Software.

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