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Lubuntu Software Centre Icon Gets A Makeover

I love the lightweight Lubuntu Software Centre, but until now its icon has been... lacking. But no more: there's a new design coming...

13 November 2011
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Faenza 1.1 Adds Ubuntu 11.10 Support, New Icons

Popular desktop icon-set Faenza has been updated with new icons and Ubuntu 11.10 support.

17 October 2011
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The New Ubuntu Software Centre Icon: Is It really That Bad?

The new Ubuntu Software Centre icon present in Ubuntu 11.10 seems to have few fans - but is it really that bad?

2 September 2011
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Ubuntu Mono Icons for The Hamster Time Tracking Indicator Applet

Reader Matt has created some mono icons for use with the Hamster time-tracking indicator-applet.

17 June 2011
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‘Faenza Fresh’ adds extra app icons to Faenza icon set

The saying goes that you can't please everybody. That seems doubly true when your desktop appearance is involved. Even Faenza, the hugely popular 'squared' icon set for Linux, contains icon designs that send some people scouring for alternatives. Enter Faenza Fresh...

19 April 2011
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Ubuntu panel icons get subtle refresh for 11.04 – bye bye green envelope!

Ubuntu's mono-styled tray icons have been "completely redrawn" for their inclusion in Natty.

23 March 2011
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Empathy’s new icon

Kiss goodbye to the telepathic blue twins: Instant messenger Empathy has had a logo-revamp.

16 March 2011
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Google Chrome Dev channel update brings new logo to Linux

Google Chrome drops it's revamped logo into Linux - and boy is it an improvement.

16 March 2011
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Some subtle icon changes in Natty

A Humanity Icon theme update in Natty yesterday brought with it a few subtle icon changes...

10 March 2011
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Chromium browser gets new a logo. Ish.

As spotted over on the excellent Chrome-obsessed blog 'Chrome Story' the Chromium daily builds are sporting a redesigned logo

8 March 2011
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Ubo icon set is Hand drawn, GIMP coloured beauty

I'm going to skip the traditional introduction and say that whilst the icon set featured here is likely to be an acquired taste it is nevertheless beautiful. Find out why inside.

15 February 2011
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Faenza icons for LibreOffice

So you've installed LibreOffice but find the default icons a bit, well, OpenOffice-y. Nab some Faenza style replacements.

4 February 2011