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Ubuntu Server

Help Test the New Ubuntu Server Installer

Got much planned this weekend? I only ask because Canonical’s server bods are currently looking for wily folks to help them test an improved version of the new Ubuntu Server installer. Subiquity Ubuntu Server 18.04 debuted […]

19 July 2018
German Spiegel Review

Here’s How You Can Help Improve Ubuntu Phone

Got an Ubuntu Phone? Want to help make it awesome? Well, now you can - and it doesn't involve USB cables or scary terminal commands!

1 October 2015

2014 Ubuntu Community Survey Wants Your Thoughts on Unity

Pause that YouTube video and stop munching on that sandwich: the Ubuntu Community Survey 2014 has gone live, and your help is required.

6 March 2014

Testing As a Community: How You Can Help Ubuntu

To meet the challenges of the road towards 14.04 we as a community need everyone's help - including yours. Read on for more.

2 July 2013
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Ubuntu’s 24 Hour Community Charity Marathon Is Happening Right Now

Take one Ubuntu Community team, sit them in front of webcams and make them work for 24 hours solid. Sound good? that's what happening today as part of the 'Ubuntu Community Charity Marathon'.

4 October 2012

Near London? Get Paid to Use Ubuntu

Want to help make Ubuntu better and get paid to do so? Nope, you don't need to apply for a job at Canonical just be a regular user who can spare 2 hours for one evening next week to take part in some testing.

4 October 2012
unity web app integration prompt

[How To] Install Ubuntu’s New Web Apps Feature in 12.04 & 12.10

So you've read about Ubuntu's innovative new web apps feature that integrates websites with the Ubuntu desktop but what you really want to know is how you can try it, right? Well here's how.

19 July 2012
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[How to] Help Spread ‘Download for Ubuntu’ App Buttons

So many great applications are available in the Ubuntu Software Center - but many developers don't advertise this fact on their websites. To remedy this Ubuntu's Jono Bacon is encouraging users to get involved in a new ‘Download for Ubuntu’ Button Campaign. The premise is simple: the websites of apps that are available to install through the Ubuntu Software Center should display a uniform 'Download for Ubuntu' button so that visitors can clearly see they support Ubuntu.

8 June 2012
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Tell Us How You Pronounce Ubuntu

To answer the question in the image above we’re not asking how it should be said but, literally, how you say it. So don’t think about how you think it should be said, or how […]

20 March 2012
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Help Ubuntu Decide Multi-Monitor Launcher Use in 12.04

You can help the Ubuntu design team decide on multi-monitor launcher usage by voting on the poll inside.

8 March 2012
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New Release Of Painting App Pinta Readies, Needs Your Help First

A new release of user-friendly graphics application Pinta is on the way - but first it needs some help from you.

22 September 2011
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How to Help Test Shotwell 0.11

Are you brave, a Shotwell fan and good at hunting bugs? If so Shotwell needs your help...

19 August 2011