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Design a new icon for CoverGloobus

CoverGloobus creator Jordi Hernàndez is on the hunt for a new icon for CoverGloobus - the desktop coverart-and-then-some application that we rave about at least once a week.

24 May 2010
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New Ubuntu Advert needs your voice – Literally!

Ever wanted to help promote Ubuntu? Well now’s your chance! The Ubuntu Ads project are launching a new advert, one that requires your voice to be heard ” literally! Ddorda from the aforementioned Ads team […]

23 May 2010
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Take the OpenShot Survey and the features YOU want

The developers behind Linux video editor OpenShot have launched a new survey asking users what features they want to see in the next release. The result of the survey will directly influence what features will […]

2 May 2010
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What 10 things do you do after a fresh Ubuntu install?

With the final releases of Ubuntu 10.04 gearing up there will be an influx of new and eager users soon be flocking into the Ubuntu pen. To help guide newbie’s in getting off to a […]

12 April 2010
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Help ubuntu: 3 questions on Bluetooth

MPT from Canonical’s design team e-mailed us earlier asking if we could post the following questions regarding Bluetooth in Ubuntu to get your feedback. Given the design team totally surpassed even already-high expectations in creating […]

8 April 2010
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Help us redesign OMG! Ubuntu!

With the release of Ubuntu 10.04 literally just around the corner it’s once again time to think about giving OMG! a visual refresh. Whilst previous designs were literally borne from chaining myself to my desk […]

14 March 2010
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Help Bring Ubuntu .ISO to USB Burning to OS X

I saw Ivanka Majic, Ubuntu’s design team leader, retweet the following plight by fellow design team member Michael Forrest earlier and decided to also post it here. Judging by the sheer amount of OS X […]

9 March 2010
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Help The ‘Ubuntu Welcome Tour’ Project

Once upon a time in a distribution not-so far far away a proposal was made: “Lets show new Ubuntu users a tour of their OS on start-up so that they’re orientated from the start.” Ultimately […]

3 February 2010
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Ubuntu Help Centre To Get Major Overhaul For Lucid?

The Ubuntu “Help and Support” system may be getting a overhaul in time for Lucid. Developers feel the majority of users are either simply unaware that the help system exists or find it overly complicated […]

20 January 2010