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Help create Ubuntu’s new sound theme

Michael Forrest has posted details of an exciting new contest for Ubuntu users to take part in. Building upon the enormous success that the bi-annual wallpaper submission competition has garnered, attention has now turned to […]

2 August 2010
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What’s in a weather indicator?

We at the Indicator-Weather project need you to do some forecasting for us. (World groans – ed) Whilst we’ve got a pretty kicking preview that works but what we really need is to find out […]

17 July 2010
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Vote now for an awesome new Ubuntu help platform

Spend a minute today to help make the lives of yourself, other Ubuntu users and even the dear developers who toil so hardy over code that little bit easier by voting up a proposal for […]

14 July 2010
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Five Ways to Help Promote Ubuntu

Love Ubuntu? Help spread the word.

7 July 2010
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Your Meerkat Needs You! Help Hunt down geeky app descriptions in the software centre

When installing new applications using the Ubuntu Software Centre how many times have you actually read the software description beforehand? Did it make sense, tell you what you needed to know or was it a […]

6 July 2010
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Support GNOME by shopping at Amazon

I have an ever burgeoning lmental list of things I’ve always meant to post and the following has been one of them. The GNOME foundation provide Amazon referral links for your browser. That is, every […]

4 July 2010
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OS X Burning tool ‘BURN’ coming to Linux

Popular OS X disc burning utility ‘Burn‘ could find its way on to Linux – with a bit of help. The developer of Burn is eager to port the application over to Linux, having already […]

28 June 2010
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Test drive, err, Testdrive’s new GTK Frontend

A demo version of Andres Rodriguez’s GSoC work on a new GTK front-end for Ubuntu Development testing application TestDrive is now available for brave users to try out. User should note that the Front-end is […]

22 June 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons

How Do You Use Caffeine? (The app, not the stimulant)

If you use Caffeine – the screensaver and sleep inhibiting application, not the alkaloid psychoactive stimulant – then you may be able to help its development by answering one very simple question: ‘How do you use it?’ What […]

11 June 2010
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We’re NOT Mac OS X!

Those who installed Lucid Lynx got a surprise – from pre-releases through to the full release of 10.04, Ubuntu’s windows buttons have swapped sides! Interesting how this default setup of these buttons now mirror those […]

10 June 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 Application Menu now available for testing [PPA]

You will have likely already heard that Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition is introducing “global menu” ”esque  application menus into the panel (think OS X if you’re confused). If you want to help to test the […]

28 May 2010
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Help test Ubuntu 10.10’s proposed network indicator applet [PPA]

The brave (and foolhardy) amongst you may wish to help test the Indicator Network applet being proposed for inclusion Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition. Test it out in Lucid You can test Indicator Network in Lucid […]

28 May 2010