So many great applications are available in the Ubuntu Software Center – but many developers don’t advertise this fact on their websites.

To remedy this Ubuntu’s Jono Bacon is encouraging users to get involved in a new ‘Download for Ubuntu’ Button Campaign. The premise is simple: the websites of apps that are available to install through the Ubuntu Software Center should display a uniform ‘Download for Ubuntu’ button so that visitors can clearly see they support Ubuntu.

The buttons themselves are small but well designed, and link to the applications’ page in the online version of the Software Center. This allows those who may not be on Ubuntu to see ratings and reviews and other Ubuntu features, similarly Ubuntu users can double-check it’s what they want before they whack ‘install’.


Getting involved is easy. Head to the App Promo Wiki page @ and: –

  • Pick an application that doesn’t already have someone ‘assigned’ to it (i.e. reads ‘nobody’ in the far-right column)
  • Contact the developer or website maintainer for the app in question (Google can help here) and ask them if they would be willing to include the button on their Downloads page
  • Also send along the HTML snippet for the application as listed on the wiki page
  • Edit the wiki page to add your name next to the application you’ve reached out to
  • If they add it, or tell you they won’t be, edit the relevant sections of the wiki at the bottom

If you’re an app developer whose app isn’t on the list but is in the software center it’s super easy to make a button – just swap out the apt. catalog URL for your own.


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