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Ubuntu One music streaming app for Android enters beta

A new mobile music streaming Android app from Ubuntu One has entered public beta testing. The app allows you to listen to music stored/synchronized in your Ubuntu One account ‘in the cloud’ directly on your […]

1 October 2010
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Xmarks to live on as a premium service?

The founders of bookmark syncing service Xmarks are attempting to keep the service alive by introducing a $10/y subscription model.

30 September 2010
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Novacut distributed video editor has 40 hours left to reach reality

Time is running out for an innovative new video editor inspired by collaborative distribution tools like bzr and git to gather enough ‘crowd-sourced’ funding to make it into reality.

30 September 2010
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Help translate Nautilus-elementary into your native tongue

Everyone's favourite alternative Nautilus get-up Nautilus-Elementary has opened its doors for translations on launchpad. If you'd love to see it supporting your language then why not help out? Details after the break.

15 September 2010
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0.A.D seeking Open Source Development Manager – got what it takes?

The folks over at Wildfire games, the company behind the incredible open-source game 0.A.D are on the hunt for an Open Source development manager. Why? “We need someone to help facilitate and encourage open source […]

7 September 2010
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OMG Video: Probing Your Box, Grub 2 and You!

If I had to pick one horror story that I get messaged about the most, it would be the dreaded bootloader. “It’s missing” or “I have a black screen of death..” and some people edit […]

6 September 2010
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Ubuntu Font Hebrew Subset in the making – why not help out?

A Hebrew subset of the new Ubuntu font is in the making and scheduled to to be ready in time for Ubuntu 11.04 thanks to the initiative of Israeli web developer Tom Bigelajzen. His enthusiasm for […]

30 August 2010
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PyTask – what’s coming in the next release (and how you can help!)

It’s been a little while since we last mentioned the simple & straightforward task application ‘Pytask‘ so i’m here with a small update and a bit of a favour… First up what can you look forward to […]

29 August 2010
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BURG fan? Put your talents to work and help create this theme

Bored? Nothing better to do? Why not help out Manu Järvinen who mailed us a plea for help on turning his rather swish BURG theme idea into a boot loading beauty. “I am a designer […]

24 August 2010
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Call for Mock-ups: OMG! User Awarding System needs a Trophy Viewer

OMG! OMG! OMG! We are close to releasing…. a beta. After porting the daemon to Mono with Chris Szikszoy (Docky fame) and with the support of David Siegel and Alex Launi (both from Do Fame […]

16 August 2010
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Help design a new Ubuntu 10.10 countdown banner

In a post to the Ubuntu-Art mailing list Canonical’s Matthew Nuzum has opened the call for this cycles ‘countdown banner’ submissions. A design already submitted by Immanuel Peratoner  “As in past releases we’d like to […]

15 August 2010
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OMG Video: Desktop Recording in Ubuntu – No Sammich For You!

While on vacation this last month, I gathered up all the requests for Ubuntu help and advice that I have received over a year or so and decided I would attack them here by popularity. […]

13 August 2010