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Help Choose A New Name For Linux Twitter App ‘Schizobird’

Promising new Twitter client 'Schizobird' is seeking a new name - and you can help.

27 July 2011

Have You Taken The LibreOffice User Survey?

Both avid and casual users of Office Suite 'LibreOffice' are being asked to take part in a new survey.

26 July 2011

How-To Remove Old Kernel Entries From GRUB [Video]

As you may know, some people find Linux to be really challenging when they first try it out. Because of this, I have launched a new segment called: "Ubuntu is Easy" and thought the OMG! Ubuntu! community - in the true nature of open source - could also assist Ubuntu newbies in finding their way around this great operating system.

23 July 2011
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Ubuntu Sound Gallery could make finding and installing sound themes easy

Dylan McCall, seemingly frustrated by the lack of refinement in packaging and promoting of sound themes for Ubuntu, has ideas on how finding and installing sound themes in Ubuntu could be made better. He's knocked up a prototype 'Sound theme gallery' where one can preview sound themes without the need to download. Also provided are download links and a quick 'how-to' on installing Sound themes in Ubuntu.

22 May 2011
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Making LibreOffice blend in Ubuntu: Icon porting

Developer Shnatsel stopped by the OMG! Inbox! to share word an icon-based project he’s been working on that aims to help LibreOffice better 'visually' fit the rest of the Ubuntu desktop.

25 April 2011
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Badschemer .deb for Ubuntu

Further to our post calling for help in creating an Ambiance theme for Gedit in Ubuntu 11.04, developer Shnatsel has packaged Badschemer - a GtkSourceViewer 'style' editor - into a .deb installer for easy-as-pie installation in Ubuntu.

26 February 2011
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Help Ubuntu 11.04 by making an Ambiance theme for Gedit [Updated]

Calling designers and/or those with minute attention to detail: want to play your part in shaping Ubuntu 11.04? Of course you do, and here's how.

25 February 2011
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One click could help the HeliOS project grab a grant

The non-profit HeliOS Project - which refurbishes old computers (with Linux) to give to disadvantaged kids in Austin and the Central Texas - has the chance to grab some much needed funding. And all you need to do to help is click a "Like" button.

1 February 2011
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Intelligent boot splash greeter

Elephants and readers with a good memory may remember an 'ambient boot splash' proposal we featured at the end of October.

21 December 2010
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Support GNOME by shopping at Amazon this Xmas

If you're going to be busy on Amazon over the festive period don't forget to use GNOME referral links. These links work like normal amazon links but instead of the shopping giant getting all your cash a slice goes to help keep GNOME developers warm and happy.

16 December 2010
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Download SoftMaker Office 2008 for free – and help charity at the same time

Want to blag a freebie that also helps others in the process?

13 December 2010
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“We are more than 1%” initiative aims to prove Linux is bigger than people think

A new ‘Linux counter’ initiative that aims to disprove press claims than Linux is used by less than 1% of the worlds desktop computer users has been launched.

6 October 2010