A new release of user-friendly graphics application Pinta is on the way – but first it needs some help.

Version 1.1 of the recently-revived painting app is due for release shortly, and will bring with it a bunch of much-needed of bug fixes.

To help coax that release out a little quicker the team need help with translations for the project. Translations are simply that: versions of the applications interface, buttons, dialogues, menus, tools etc in different languages.

If you speak something other than English and can spare a little bit of time to help out, point your web browser of choice towards translations.launchpad.net/pinta

Pinta – isn’t that a dead project?

The original – and sole – developer of Pinta announced back in early September that he had ‘no desire’ to continuing working on the project.

With Pinta being a popular application amongst Linux users it took next-to-no-time for a band of eager new developers to jump on board and, with the ‘well wishes’ of the original developer, take over the project.

Pinta 1.1 will be the ‘new’ teams’ first release. It will include fixes for a handful of ‘bugs’, including: –

  • Make the Save As action work properly
  • Store last saved/opened path in settings
  • Preserve zoom setting after undo
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