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Dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet ‘Kno’ to ship this month

Dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet ‘Kno‘ has brought its launch date forward to December this year, according to the PCWorld. Not in the know on the Kno? read on in to find out more.

19 December 2010
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Ubuntu running on a Chrome CR-48 notebook [video]

Ubuntu. On a Google CR-48.

15 December 2010
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Dell’s new Vostro V130 – Ultra-Thin Ubuntu Laptop

Available pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the Vostro V130 builds on its predesscor the V13, maintaining the slim profile, light weight and full-bodied performance that a netbook is unable to offer.

30 November 2010
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Jolibook goes on sale in the UK for £279

The Jolibook netbook from Jolicloud is available to purchase in the UK via Amazon and manufactuer Vye's own online shop.

21 November 2010
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Jolibook to cost £279?

NetbookNews are reporting that the 'Jolibook - Linux distro Jolicloud's very own slice of hardware - will eek out for sale at a crazy low £279.

18 November 2010
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Jolicloud’s netbook launching in UK this Friday

Jolicloud’s very own netbook is rumoured to be going on sale this coming Friday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

17 November 2010
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AMD Fusion has ‘open-source drivers ready’

Hardware hounds early awaiting the release of AMD's Fusion chip - a combo of CPU and GPU functions on a single die which AMD have dubbed an 'APU' (Accelerated Processing Unit) - will surely be excited to hear that open-source drivers are ready and waiting.

17 November 2010
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System76 to begin shipping to the UK ‘end of this month’

Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System76 have announced plans to begin shipping internationally. The announcement, which will see orders sent to the UK from the end of this month onwards, is fantastic news to everybody everywhere. The […]

12 November 2010
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Check if your next computer is Ubuntu compatible

When the fear of hardware incompatibilities puts you off buying a new computer be sure to run your intended purchase through Canonical’s ‘Ubuntu Certification’ website.

7 October 2010
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Validity Fingerprint Reader to Get Ubuntu Driver ‘Within the Year’

Validity Inc. are to release an Ubuntu support package for their VFS101 Fingerprint Reader (aka Digital Persona 138a:0001) later this year. The situation is all too familiar; You buy a shiny new laptop/peripheral boasting a […]

30 September 2010
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Broadcom releasing fully open-source wifi driver

Check the date - it's not April fools.

9 September 2010
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My Ubuntu stickers arrive (photos!)

A few days ago my new Ubuntu stickers arrived. I promptly started plastering them over all of my Ubuntu related things (and even non-Ubuntu related things) and they look fantastic! Here are some cool photos […]

15 August 2010