5 ways to make using multiple computers and devices more efficient with Ubuntu

I hate cables.

There, I have finally managed to start the article. But getting back to the cables, I have a mouse, which connects to my computer. Fair enough: that’s a worthy cause for a cable.

But then I got a second computer. Now what do I do? Just use the touchpad on one? Or do I get a second mouse and make my desk even more cluttered? A better option would be to have the mouse shared between the two computers.

Kogan’s ‘Agora PRO 12″ Laptop’ available with Ubuntu 11.04, ships May

“The folks at Kogan are pretty good when it comes to Linux” said reader Paul when tipping us off to Australian (and UK) technogloy outfit ‘Kogans’ latest laptop.

Available for ordering, but not shipping until late May, the new ‘Agora Pro’ ultra-portable comes with the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu so far – Ubuntu 11.04 – but is it a fitting shell for an operating system so, well, natty?

Kind of.