Hardware hounds early awaiting the release of AMD’s Fusion chip –ย  a combo ofย  CPU and GPU functions on a single die which AMD have dubbed an ‘APU’ (Accelerated Processing Unit) – will surely be excited to hear that open-source drivers are ready and waiting.

Asked whether AMD plans to open specs for the AMD Fusion chip AMD’s Alex Deucher responded with: –

“Open drivers are already written, just waiting for final approval to release.”

Fusion is targeted at embedded/mobile devices, netbooks, low-cost notebook and no-doubt tablets too. Rumour currently suggests that Apple are seeking to use Fusion APUs in their MacBook line. Desktop versions of Fusion are expected to come in 2012.

Open-source drivers: Not for everybody

It’s worth pointing out here that the fusion open-source drivers will pale in feature-set to that of its binary brother however until some code is pushed out we’re not quite sure what features the driver will come with.

But Like Phoronix we’re hoping for some Gallium 3D love.

Source: Phoronix

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