Dell have unveiled a new update to their ‘small business’ Vostro laptop line – the super-thin Vostro V130.

Available pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the Vostro V130 builds on its predesscor the V13, maintaining the slim profile, light weight and full-bodied performance that a netbook is unable to offer.

The 13.3″ laptop, priced at $430 for the base Ubuntu model, is not too shabby for the price. Specs including*: –

  • Ubuntu 10.04 pre-installed
  • A Celeron Dual Core U3400 @ 1.06ghz (offers a lot of performance/mhz because it is an arrandale CPU like the core i3/i5.)
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 250GB 5400RPM HDD (Windows versions come with a 320GB 7200RPM HDD)
  • The new Intel GMA HD graphics built into the CPU.
  • A HDMI port in addition to a VGA port
  • Usual extras like Bluetooth 3.0, card reader and 2MP built-in webcam
  • 6 cell battery
  • Base weight of 3.5 pounds/1.6 kilograms

More details, pictures and the all important ‘buy’ button @

On the official product page you’ll also find an amusing typo. In the Specs section the OS is referred to as “red hat linux 10.04”. Don’t worry – as you progress past the product page you’ll see that it does indeed come with ‘Ubuntu 10.04’.

Shipping date is estimated 5th of December (US).

Thanks to Mike D.

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