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System76 add 2 more laptops to their Ubuntu-based line-up

Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System 76 has today announced the launch of two new laptops.

17 January 2011
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Gentouch tablet dual boots Android and Ubuntu for $369

If I said consumers were likely to over-dose on tablets this year it might sound tasteless. But with this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) literally shoving them down users throats every-which-way, 2011 could be the […]

12 January 2011
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Samsung’s Nexus S gets Ubuntu-fied

Another cell phone has fallen under the charms of Ubuntu’s versatility: this time the Samsung’s Nexus S.

10 January 2011
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Multi-touch madness: Ubuntu table PC [Video]

CES 2011 saw a veritable armoury of Ubuntu powered devices all ready to make a serious impact amongst competitors. None, however, impressed me as much as this Table PC demo running Ubuntu as its core […]

9 January 2011

Ubuntu ported to the Nook color

Another day and another device finds itself capable of running Ubuntu. This time the device in question is Barnes and Noble’s ‘Nook Colour’ eBook reader. With its 7-inch colour multi-touch touchscreen the device makes for […]

7 January 2011
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Ubuntu ported to Windows Mobile handset

Ubuntu on a Windows Mobile handset? Yes.

5 January 2011

Meet the SmartBook: Tablet, netbook, MID and more in one.

Always Innovating's new Smart Book device is so much of everything that's it's almost hard to describe. Specs, video and order information are all inside. Prepare to "wow" a little...

3 January 2011
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Android Desktop Notifier: How it could be that little bit more awesome

Being a forgetful so-and-so I find Android Desktop Notifier to be an invaluable app. I do think it could be a little bit better though, and here's how.

3 January 2011
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Official Ubuntu keyboard for sale… with a Windows key?

A new officially branded waterproof keyboard has gone on sale in the Canonical store - albeit one with what appears to be a Windows key.

2 January 2011
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More details emerge on ‘mystery’ Ubuntu tablet

More information has surfaced on the new Ubuntu-powered tablet device we wrote about last week. The ‘TENQ P07’ tablet aims to launch early next year an will sport Ubuntu 10.10 atop an 1.6Ghz Atom CPU, […]

28 December 2010
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Ubuntu for HTC HD2 adds Unity interface

A new release of an Ubuntu port project for the HTC HD2 phone has been released. Ubuntu 0.3 for HTC HD2 uses Ubuntu 10.10 with the Unity (Mutter) interface, performance and stability fixes as well […]

28 December 2010
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How best to sell a Windows 7 laptop this holiday? show it with an Ubuntu wallpaper of course! [sales fail]

‘The Source’ (formerly known as Radio Shack) appear to  have hit upon a rather unique way of selling their Windows 7 running Toshiba laptops to the public judging by a recent flyer…

23 December 2010