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Jolicloud’s netbook launching in UK this Friday

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Jolicloud’s very own netbook – the Jolibook – is rumoured to be going on sale this coming Friday (Nov. 19th) in the UK, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s Tech editor Ben Rooney.

Pricing is yet unknown however Rooney says “it will be very competitively priced ” under most rival netbooks yet delivering a pretty powerful package.”

The specs are, indeed, impressive with a dual core 1.5ghz Atom processor, a 10.1″ screen and a 250GB hard-drive. Word is still mum on the RAM quota but expectations are 1GB minimum.

All of this is but sponge underneath the much more appealing icing that is Jolicloud 1.1. Jolicloud is based on Ubuntu but make extensive use of HTML5 and web-apps for a slick UI experience.

Jolicloud 1.1's HTML5 based launcher