A new officially branded waterproof keyboard has gone on sale in the Canonical store.

Made from silicon, the keyboard is flexible and can roll up for easy travel.Waterproof too it can withstand most liquid spills (I.e. and not fry), weighs a relatively light 204 grams and, best of all, has a whacking great Ubuntu logo on it to scream out your OS of choice.

Ubuntu flexible keyboard now for sale

One curious, but by no means an unseen oversight, appears to be, in promo pictures at least, the inclusion of a ‘Windows’ key.

Is this an issue? No.

At least not to me. Were Windows not so ubiquitous the ‘Windows key’ may have displayed something less OS-specific.

There are two ways to look at the inclusion of a Windows key on an Ubuntu branded keyboard: –

  1. Doh.
  2. A lot of people dual boot.

I choose the latter and with the keyboard selling for only £16 (sans P+P) it’s something I can easily live with. Besides – covering up the Windows key is what those ace Ubuntu sticker sheets are for, right?

Ubuntu Flexible Keyboard @ Canonical store

P.S. thanks to Kyle

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