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New Gedit UI

Gedit Text Editor Finally Gets a UI Revamp

GNOME has finally gotten around to updating the look and feel of their text editor, 'Gedit'.

15 January 2014

MATE Desktop Environment Will Be Available in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 will, for the first time, allow users to install the MATE desktop environment straight from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

10 January 2014

First Look at New Nautilus Designs

GNOME designer Allan Day has shown off new design work on Nautilus dubbed 'Nautilus Next'.

11 December 2013

‘Polari’ – An Awesome New IRC App for GNOME

Work has recently begun on a new GNOME 3 IRC app called 'Polari'.

15 October 2013

GNOME 3.10 – The 10 Best Features & Changes

GNOME 3.10, the latest version of the popular free and open-source desktop environment, was released earlier today bringing with it new features, apps, bug-fixes and interface enhancements.

25 September 2013

GNOME 3.10 Released With New Apps, Experimental Wayland Support

GNOME 3.10, the latest update to the popular free and open-source GNOME desktop environment, has been released.  Developers have spent 6 months crafting the stable release, contributing nearly 36,000 changes both big and small. The […]

25 September 2013

GNOME’s Web Browser Ditches Google For DuckDuckGo

Google has been replaced by DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in GNOME's web-browser Web, developers have announced today.

29 August 2013

5 GNOME Core Apps: Maps, Music, Photos, Software & Calendar

GNOME's core app project has me excited for the future of the Linux desktop - just take a look at this five and you'll soon see why.

26 August 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Update Finally Fixes Ugly Nautilus, GNOME 3 Apps

The appearance of Nautilus, System Settings and several other GNOME 3 applications in Ubuntu 13.10 has been improved in a recent update.

3 August 2013

How To Add Extra Category Folders to the Gnome-Shell Dashboard

Want to make the GNOME Shell app launcher a little tidier? This post will walk you though the process of adding category folders to the overlay dashboard.

23 May 2013

How To Upgrade to GNOME 3.8 in Ubuntu 13.04

The GNOME team make it easy to install/upgrade to GNOME 3.8 on Ubuntu 13.04.

28 April 2013

Ubuntu Flavours Release 13.04 Updates

Today wasn't just release day for Ubuntu. Oh no. It was also release day for the ever-growing family of Ubuntu flavours.

25 April 2013