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GNOME’s New Music App Starts to Take Shape

Work on a new music app for the GNOME desktop continues to pick up pace - going from mock-up to music player in less than a month.

22 April 2013

Latest Release of GNOME Web Browser Available for Ubuntu 13.04 Users

Following on from its release last week, GNOME's default web-browser is now available for users of Ubuntu 13.04 to install.

5 April 2013

GNOME 3.8 Released

The fourth major update to the GNOME 3.x line has been released, bringing enhanced applications and a focus on privacy.

27 March 2013

The 10 Best Features New To GNOME 3.8

The latest iteration of the popular GNOME desktop, version 3.8, sees release today - but what are notable changes and improvements should you be looking out for? Here's a list of our 10 favourite changes - in no specific order - new to this release.

27 March 2013

It’s Official: Ubuntu GNOME Remix Joins the Ubuntu Family

The Ubuntu GNOME projects has been officially accepted into the Ubuntu family.

11 March 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 Gains Improved Mouse & Touchpad Settings

Ubuntu 13.04 sees a refined set of Mouse & Touchpad settings added, along with a interactive 'testing' area for double-checking your buttons, double-click speed and scroll wheel.

13 February 2013

Future of Nautilus in Ubuntu Discussed at UDS

Discussion on Ubuntu 13.04's choice of default file manager was one of the headline sessions in the second day of the latest UDS. Integration, design and accessibility issues were all raised during the 50 minute discussion, which centered around what Ubuntu needs to patch or re-add to the 'new' Nautilus for it to remain useful to Ubuntu users.

30 October 2012

Ubuntu GNOME Remix Releases First Alpha

The new GNOME-flavoured spin of Ubuntu 12.10 has released an early alpha build for testers to try. Aiming to provide as 'pure' a GNOME experience as possible on Ubuntu, the spin uses the latest beta of GNOME 3.6 as its default desktop environment.

3 September 2012

GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming October 18th

It's official: a pure GNOME edition of Ubuntu is to be released later this year. 'Gnomebuntu', to be based on Ubuntu 12.10, will be released on October 18th - the same day that Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu all release their latest versions.

30 August 2012

GNOME Founder Says Desktop Linux is Dead

Miguel de Icaza, one of the founders of the GNOME project, has said that OS X has 'killed the Linux desktop'. He cites rapid development 'breaking both open source and proprietary software alike', as well as the 'incompatibility across Linux distributions' as being key reasons for its failure to take hold.

30 August 2012
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Linux Mint Fork Nautilus

Over 4000 readers have expressed disappointment with the new 'design' for Files - the new name for Nautilus - in our recent poll. So the following news will be music to 8,000 ears: Linux Mint have decided to fork it.

6 August 2012

GNOME Classic in Ubuntu 12.04: It’s Like Nothing Ever Changed

Come April 26th and the release of Ubuntu 12.04 a vast number of Ubuntu users will be getting their first taste of the Unity desktop since its basic beginnings as the Ubuntu Netbook Remix in the last LTS. But for all of the innovation, aesthetics and features that the unity desktop offers there is a chance that, for many, the change will be too much. But Unity is only one desktop environment available to install in Ubuntu.

21 March 2012