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GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming October 18th

It's official: a pure GNOME edition of Ubuntu is to be released later this year. 'Gnomebuntu', to be based on Ubuntu 12.10, will be released on October 18th - the same day that Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu all release their latest versions.

30 August 2012

GNOME Founder Says Desktop Linux is Dead

Miguel de Icaza, one of the founders of the GNOME project, has said that OS X has 'killed the Linux desktop'. He cites rapid development 'breaking both open source and proprietary software alike', as well as the 'incompatibility across Linux distributions' as being key reasons for its failure to take hold.

30 August 2012
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Linux Mint Fork Nautilus

Over 4000 readers have expressed disappointment with the new 'design' for Files - the new name for Nautilus - in our recent poll. So the following news will be music to 8,000 ears: Linux Mint have decided to fork it.

6 August 2012

GNOME Classic in Ubuntu 12.04: It’s Like Nothing Ever Changed

Come April 26th and the release of Ubuntu 12.04 a vast number of Ubuntu users will be getting their first taste of the Unity desktop since its basic beginnings as the Ubuntu Netbook Remix in the last LTS. But for all of the innovation, aesthetics and features that the unity desktop offers there is a chance that, for many, the change will be too much. But Unity is only one desktop environment available to install in Ubuntu.

21 March 2012
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GNOME’s New Lock Screen Design Goes Online

The tentative design proposal for the new GNOME lock screen has been published online. The designs, created by Novell's Jakub Steiner and published on the GNOME Design Wiki, take cues from the lock-screens of smartphones by remaining semi-useful when locked (displays big clock, message notifications, music controller).

12 February 2012
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GNOME’s Revamped ‘Web’ Browser Is Minimal, Mighty

GNOME's work on a revamped and repurposed 'Epiphany' web browser - which seeks to make the browser a core part of the GNOME experience - is coming along nicely. The redesign of Epiphany, which is relabelled 'Web' in the app itself, seeks to to offer GNOME users a 'simple, clean, beautiful view of the [internet].'

18 January 2012

[How to] Make Ubuntu 11.10 Look and Feel Like GNOME 2

Longing for the look and feel of the classic GNOME desktop in Ubuntu 11.10? Well it's easier to achieve than you might think. Peek on in for a guide to aping the look of old school GNOME in new school GNOME.

13 December 2011

Help Bring GNOME Games Up to Scratch

The fifteen games maintained by the GNOME Games project are in need of help. With the rest of the GNOME desktop evolving around them the games developers 'have struggled to keep up with the latest GNOME technology'.

9 December 2011
Activities Overview in GNOME Shell

GNOME Declares War on Minor Bugs With ‘Every Detail Matters’ Project

GNOME's Allan Day has announced the launch of a new development project aimed at fixing 'the small bugs [in GNOME] that ..undermine the overall experience.'

1 December 2011
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New GNOME App Designs Hint at a Bright Future for Linux

GNOME Designer Allan Day has shown off various updated designs for potential future GNOME applications.

10 November 2011
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Precisely What Version of GNOME Will Ship in Ubuntu 12.04?

What version of GNOME will ship in Ubuntu 12.04? That was the topic of discussion at one of today's Ubuntu Developer Summit sessions.

2 November 2011
Placeholder koala image 2012 Early Bird Registrations Open, First Keynote Speaker Announced

It's that time of year again. It didn't feel like long since I was reporting on Linux Conference Australia 2011 way back in January this year, where we interviewed the founder of Linux Linus Torvalds, an early Canonical employee and GNOME release manager Jeff Waugh, and covered everything from Linux-powered robots to liveblogging Google's Vice President Vint Cerf's opening keynote. is back again next year, hosted in Ballarat (just outside Melbourne, Australia) and once again at least one representative from OMG! Ubuntu! will make the trip to report on a weeks' worth of exciting Linux news, showcasing and project launches. Make the jump for more information, and detail on the first keynote speaker - GNOME's Executive Director Karen Sandler.

25 September 2011