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GNOME Screencasts Episode 1: The Basics

Picking up where the great gtk+ kick-start tutorial by Alberto Ruiz ended Daniel Siegel decided to introduce a new way of teaching new comers how to develop your own GNOME apps. His new initiative will introduce screencasts that will teach you basics of the GNOME platform and language bindings such as python, JS, C, Vala, etc...

17 June 2011
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PiTiVi video editor update adds over 100 video effects, various interface tweaks

A new release of GNOME video editor 'PiTiVi' has been made available and sees the oft-cited "basic video editor" gain some impressive new audio and video effects, as well as interface improvements and bug fixes.

1 June 2011
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Systemd in GNOME, PackageKit and what GNOME as an OS really means

A recent proposal be PulseAudio and systemd lead developer Lennart ?Poettering to add systemd raised concerns that GNOME might drop support for non-Linux platforms. This isn't the aim; and here's why.

19 May 2011
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From Ubuntu to Fedora – Landing on foreign soil (the good, the bad and the ugly)

Recently I had to make a choice as to whether I wanted to stay with Ubuntu Unity or move to GNOME 3 and hence another distribution. I chose to move to Fedora because my work requires it, luckily though this has given me a new perspective as I have been a long time Ubuntu user.

25 April 2011
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GNOME 3 released; to be available for Ubuntu 11.04 via PPA

The latest version of the GNOME desktop environment has been released - and what a release it is. GNOME 3, aside from looking visually different to GNOME 2 thanks to its new 'Shell' - has had a refit, rethink and re-code of pretty much everything.

6 April 2011
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GNOME be trollin’ – 3.0 delayed (again) to September 2011

The GNOME Release team meeting at GNOME Bangalore hackfest have decided to postpone the 3.0 release to September of this year, release manager Vincent Untz unveiled today. He cited various reasons for the delay, including a large number of freeze break requests, constant changes in the design, Mozilla dropping embedded versions of Gecko and more.

1 April 2011
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GNOME+Mono hackfest day 2+3

A double whammy update, mostly since day 2+3 were largly just expanding on the work everyone started on day one.

10 February 2011
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GNOME+Mono hackfest day 1

It's now the morning of day 2 and people are slowly starting to arrive at the room we call home during the GNOME+Mono hackfest. On day one we were so busy that the first task of day in fact is posting the update.

8 February 2011
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The GNOME+Mono hackfest is here, officially

We wrote about it, and now, after literally weeks of planning, it is here. The post-FOSDEM GNOME+Mono hackfest. We've only be at it for about an hour so there is not yet much code to show but I thought the OMG army would enjoy a couple of pictures as proof that we are actually working.

7 February 2011
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The new GNOME 3 website goes live

The official website for GNOME 3, the next iteration of the GNOME desktop, has gone online in alpha state.

19 January 2011
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MoonOS 4 lands with big changes to filesystem, apps and more

MoonOS 4 has swung into view and what a change it brings. Simplifed file system, new theme, standalone applications, a bevy of great apps installed by default... Read on for more information and the all important download link.

5 January 2011
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Create a ‘wingpanel’ effect using the default gnome panel

Reader Vjjustin has written up an interesting little tutorial on creating a ‘wingpanel’-style panel using nothing more than the default GNOME panel.

29 December 2010