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Meet Meow, a Purfect GNOME Menu Editor

If you love using GNOME Shell but wish that it was easier to create and customise folders in the App View, here's an app that might help.

1 November 2016
note taking apps

‘GNOME To Do’ App Picks Up New Features

GNOME To Do is one of those apps you’ve probably heard of, but do not use. And with a bunch of rivals task managers and to-do list apps available on Linux — from Simplenote to Remember the Milk — and online, the […]

26 October 2016
flatpak thumb

Flatpak Unboxes Major Changes In Its Latest Release

A big update to Flatpak, the fledgling Linux application distribution framework, has been released.

25 October 2016
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The GNOME 3.24 Release Date Is Set

GNOME 3.24 is to be released on March 22, 2017 — providing that development goes to plan between now and then, of course!

5 October 2016
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Purism Want To Make a Truly Open-Source Linux Phone

Would you buy a truly open-source phone running nothing but free software? If you would, Purism want to know the sort of hardware specs you'd expect to get from it.

2 October 2016
working gnome weather 3.18 on ubutnu 16.04

GNOME Weather Fixed, Can Now Fetch Forecasts Again

A quick follow up to the issue of broken weather forecasts in GNOME Weather on Ubuntu 16.04: they're working again!

14 September 2016
GNOME Sushi video preview

Sushi Brings macOS ‘Quick Look’ to the Ubuntu Desktop

GNOME Sushi adds a macOS style 'Quick Look' feature to Nautilus. Just select a file and tap the spacebar to see a larger preview.

1 September 2016
GNOME Twitch app

GNOME Twitch: Watch Twitch Without Flash on Linux

Want to watch streams on your desktop, without Flash? You can with this awesome Twitch app for Linux, which also supports chat & notifications and more.

12 August 2016

GNOME Maps Is Back On Track Thanks to Mapbox

The desktop GNOME Maps app hit a dead-end earlier this month after the free service it used to display maps changed it usage policy.

31 July 2016

GNOME Maps Hits A Dead End, Can No Longer Display Maps

If you were set to plan your weekend activities using the GNOME Maps application, you'll need to change course.

14 July 2016
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5 Brilliant GNOME Shell Extensions for Ubuntu Desktop

We’ve put together a list of best GNOME Shell extensions currently available as recommended by your fellow omg! ubuntu! readers. In June 2016 we asked reader to nominate their favourite GNOME extensions and, awesome folks that they […]

8 July 2016

See How Far GNOME 3 Has Come in 5 Years [Video]

It's been 5 years since the GNOME 3 was first released. In a talk at OSC2016, GNOME dev Tobias Mueller walks through the major changes since.

27 June 2016