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GNOME 3.16 Might Just Be The Best Version Yet

If recent screenshots of next month's GNOME 3.16 release are anything to go by, it'll be the best release yet.

25 February 2015

And Relax: Groupon Abandons Trademark Claim Against GNOME

The controversy is over. Your wallet can breathe easy. Your e-mail inbox can once again buckle under an influx of deals. Yes, Groupon has announced it will not be pursuing a trademark claim for the name 'GNOME'.

12 November 2014

Open-Source Vs Groupon: GNOME Battle To Protect Their Trademark

This is a story all about how GNOME got twisted, turned upside down. If you'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you why a site called Groupon is being unfair...

11 November 2014

GNOME 3.14 Released With New Features and App Updates

The GNOME project has announced the release of GNOME 3.14, a new stable update featuring multi-touch gestures, new UI animations and more.

24 September 2014

This GNOME 3.14 Video Turns Excitement Levels Up to 11

Later this month GNOME 3.14 will be released to the masses, bringing a raft of improvements, new features, design and technologies with it.

18 September 2014
Budgie desktop environment

How to Install Lightweight Budgie Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04

If you follow us over on Twitter you may have caught a glimpse of a screenshot we shared recently, along with the invitation to name the desktop environment pictured.

9 July 2014

How to Upgrade to GNOME 3.12 in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 ships with GNOME 3.10 for a solid, stable desktop experience. But if you're looking for the latest and greatest, here's how to upgrade to GNOME 3.12.

5 May 2014

‘GNOME Books’ Promises User-Friendly eBook App for Desktop Users

Bookworms rejoice: plans for a new eBook reader for the GNOME desktop have been announced by developer Marta Milaković.

28 April 2014

Why GNOME 3.12 Won’t Be Included in Ubuntu 14.04

Following its release last week, many readers has asked whether GNOME 3.12 will be available to use in the upcoming release of Ubuntu 14.04.

1 April 2014

GNOME 3.12 Debuts With Polish, Improvements Galore

GNOME 3.12 has been released, and sees the modern open-source desktop environment build upon the firm foundations laid out in its previous versions.  The first stable release since the release of 3.10 back in September […]

26 March 2014

Ubuntu GNOME Ups LTS Support Period to Three Years

Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS will be supported for three years — up from the two originally planned.

18 March 2014

Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 Seeking LTS Status

Ubuntu GNOME is seeking approval to become an official 'Long Term Support' release with its upcoming version.

7 March 2014