snap apps on ubuntu

Want to help test a new version of Ubuntu Software?

Will Cooke, Ubuntu desktop manager, posted a call for testing on his Google+ page, where he explains:

“Before we push this in to proposed for Xenial, we’re looking for people to play with a new release of Software for Ubuntu. There have been a lot of changes for this release, so we’re being a little more cautious than usual.”

The bulk of the mentioned changes are due to the app being rebased on the newer GNOME Software 3.20.2 (the current version inf Ubuntu 16.04 is based on GNOME 3.20.1). A wealth of bug fixes, improvements and plugin tweaks are introduced as a result of the rebase, plus plenty of scope for new bugs to emerge!

The new version of Ubuntu Software also sees review score calculation improvements, Snap apps now have mime type support, and you can (finally) launch Snap apps from their store page by clicking the ‘launch’ button.

You can find the new version available in the following PPA.  Will asks that testers “open bugs if you find any regressions or new bugs“.

If testing goes well Canonical the new version of Ubuntu Software will be pushed to the xenial-proposed channel by the end of next week.

From there, providing there are no major blockers, it’ll filter down through the regular updates shortly after.

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