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The GNOME+Mono hackfest is here, officially

We wrote about it, and now, after literally weeks of planning, it is here. The post-FOSDEM GNOME+Mono hackfest. We've only be at it for about an hour so there is not yet much code to show but I thought the OMG army would enjoy a couple of pictures as proof that we are actually working.

7 February 2011
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The new GNOME 3 website goes live

The official website for GNOME 3, the next iteration of the GNOME desktop, has gone online in alpha state.

19 January 2011
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MoonOS 4 lands with big changes to filesystem, apps and more

MoonOS 4 has swung into view and what a change it brings. Simplifed file system, new theme, standalone applications, a bevy of great apps installed by default... Read on for more information and the all important download link.

5 January 2011
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Create a ‘wingpanel’ effect using the default gnome panel

Reader Vjjustin has written up an interesting little tutorial on creating a ‘wingpanel’-style panel using nothing more than the default GNOME panel.

29 December 2010
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Support GNOME by shopping at Amazon this Xmas

If you're going to be busy on Amazon over the festive period don't forget to use GNOME referral links. These links work like normal amazon links but instead of the shopping giant getting all your cash a slice goes to help keep GNOME developers warm and happy.

16 December 2010
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Make the GNOME panel font bold, italic, bigger, smaller etc

Get your GNOME panel font to match the style of your window borders with this quick tip.

18 November 2010
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Ubuntu 11.04 to ship Unity as default desktop?

A blueprint suggesting a that a variant of the Unity netbook interface should be used on the desktop edition for Natty Narwhal has been approved by Mark Shuttleworth for discussion at the Ubuntu Developer Summit this week.

24 October 2010
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OMG! Exclusive: Interview with GNOME co-founder Federico Mena

The OMG! team sit down for an exclusive interview with Frederico Mena, one the founding fathers of GNOME. Federico along with Miguel de Icaza worked together in the late 90s to start the GNOME project - the desktop environment that Ubuntu and many other distros use. Everyone knows and loves it, but how did it all start?

7 September 2010
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August record month for the GNOME Foundation

The GNOME foundation has set a record profit for the month of August, thanks in part to the Amazon MP3 affiliate scheme which is embedded in Banshee Media Player.

3 September 2010
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GNOME’s SeedKit gets public release, aims to bring web tech to desktop apps

The first public release of GNOME’s new ‘SeedKit‘ library and viewer has been released. Seedkit allows developers to build and integrate web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript into their applications, creating entirely native, […]

19 August 2010
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Beautiful “Elementary” Style GNOME Shell Theme

Ubuntu user and graphic designer Half Left has put together several different Gnome-Shell themes, including this one based off of Elementary OS. I don’t know about you, but personally I’m a total Gnome-Shell hater. However, […]

15 August 2010
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Ubuntu have “no plans to fork GNOME”

Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon, in an interview with Austrian newsite, has reiterated that a fork of GNOME is not on the cards. Asked whether Ubuntu’s continuing additions, removals and tweaks to the stock GNOME environment could […]

9 August 2010