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Why doesn’t Unity just use Docky? Here’s why.

If you ever wondered why Unity uses it's own launcher instead of the SimplyAwesome™ Docky, here is an explanation, straight from Docky's creator Jason Smith.

8 December 2010
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Cardapio gets mini-mode & Docky helper

A new version of popular main menu replacement Cardapio has been released - with many features longed for by users. Amongst the changes sit reduced memory usage, interface enhancements and added support for Cardapio use with Docky.

27 November 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Docky themes

5 themes for Docky - from glass to silk.

20 November 2010
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Docky/AWN get ‘WorkRave’ RSI app helper

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) prevention tool Workrave has gained some backup assistance for notifying you that it’s time for a rest break in the form of Docky and AWN helpers. With the helper enabled you […]

19 November 2010
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‘Glassy’ theme for Docky’s clock docklet

Give Docky's clock docklet a new face - literally!

18 November 2010
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Easily transform Ubuntu into mac os x with macbuntu – now better than ever!

Get the look of OS X in Ubuntu using the 'Macbuntu' transformation pack.

17 November 2010
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Five Ways to Switch Between Workspaces in Ubuntu

Multiple desktop workspaces have long been an important feature of the Linux desktop. Half the battle in getting used to using 'virtual workspaces' is in finding a way to switch between them that suits your workflow. We list our top 5 ways of switching workspaces.

6 November 2010
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Minimize all windows using the Docky anchor icon

We've covered putting Docky's Anchor icon to good use previously but Owais Lone has gone one better and let us in on how to make clicking the Docky anchor icon minimize all windows...

1 November 2010
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Install Docky Stacks in Ubuntu with one command

One feature in popular Linux Dock application Docky that I personally adore/could no longer live without is ‘Stacks’ – a neat visual approach to displaying files within a folder via the dock. Despite my dependence […]

20 October 2010
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Show Deluge torrent transfer rates on Docky [fix]

Docky and the Deluge torrent client were great bedfellows for a while with the former able to display transfer rates for the latter. And then it broke when Deluge 1.2 was released. Boo. Thanks to Gary over at we can get it working again in no-time.

17 October 2010
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Customizing Ubuntu 10.10 the Tyler way

Come take a look at how Tyler customizes and fine tunes his Ubuntu install in the way of software, eye-candy, and usability, and try out his Compiz profile!

13 October 2010
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Customizing Ubuntu 10.10 with a dock, new icon theme, effects, global menu and more

Quite often we'll post screenshots in articles and no doubt we will always get a comment asking what theme we're using, our font settings, or what dock that is. Today I'm going to share with you my setup - everything from my compiz settings to the icon theme!

10 October 2010