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Dark Glass docky theme

Find Docky looking drab? Try this ‘dark glass’ theme by artist ~half-left.

1 October 2010
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Five Docky tips for docky-diehards

Docky users seeking more control over how their Dock looks, behaves and functions will surely find a treat or two amongst the following five tips.

28 September 2010
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Desktop Pandora app ‘Pithos’ gets Docky controls

Users of the desktop Pandora application 'Pithos' may be trilled (bad pun, sorry) to hear that everyone's favourite launcher 'Docky' has added 'helper' controls for the app in its latest development version. Installation info and a pretty picture inside.

9 September 2010
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Improved Emesene & Pidgin Docky helpers

Fed up with your Emesene docky helper not working as you'd like? Download these slick improved helpers for Pidgin & Emesene by Argentine reader Nicolas. They really are ace.

6 September 2010
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Docky & application indicators, improved stacks and Docky user group

If applications were movie genres then Docky would most certainly be a gore film. The rate at which it  haemorrhages new features is bloody impressive. (See what I did there? No… Moving on…) So what […]

26 July 2010
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Sezen meet docky. docky meet sezen. NOW MARRY Already!

The ever ace Seif Lotfy tweeted the following mock-up a wee while ago and, being both a self-confessed Docky Diehard AND a total Sezen head, my jaw was literally wedged open as an emphatic ”YES” […]

19 July 2010
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How to Use Cardapio Menu Applet With Docky

Cardapio – the awesome alternative main menu applet we’ve championed here on OMG! for some time – has a hidden secret: you can use it via Docky! How so? First check you’ve actually installed Cardapio […]

27 June 2010
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Main Menu coming to Docky Via GnoMenu

Kids who keep their beady eyes on Gnome-Look will have likely seen that popular third-party Main Menu application ‘GnoMenu’ is aiming to add ‘main menu’ support to Docky. Progress is ‘in development’ as of now […]

25 June 2010
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Docky Terminal Helper Gives quick access to Terminal profiles from Docky

The following Docky Terminal helper by Eugeny Pankov provides easy access your terminal profiles. It’s a 3rd party helper so you can’t install it from the Docky PPA or branch but you can nab the […]

24 June 2010
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Stacks for Docky looks like a dream, works like one too!

A few days ago we mentioned in passing that the talented Psybers was working on stack functionality for premier dock app Docky.  The feature hadn’t worked for me until now so finally having it up and running […]

18 June 2010
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The Docky Stable PPA: The easy way to stay up-to-date safely

Although many users prefer to live on the bleeding edge of application development some people prefer the security, stability and general sass of stable versions; no random crashes, half-baked features or memory-munching bugs. We feature Docky a […]

17 June 2010
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Stacks, Skype control & Desktop switching coming to Docky

I’ve resisted blogging about Docky’s new docklets and helpers of late because it clearly annoys a vocal minority of readers. Those readers should proceed to find safety as I can keep back my enthusiasm no-longer! Development […]

14 June 2010