Give your Linux dock some style with one of these gorgeous Docky themes.

1. Tinted Steel

Works best in 3D mode. Doesn’t look so swell when using the weather or clock docklet’s ‘panel painting’ views but otherwise is a nice unique theme.

tinted steel docky theme


2. Noize

Designed for 2D style and looks best with icons set @ 55px. That said, I use it at 42px and it still looks great to me!

noize docky theme


3. Glassy

This elegant glass theme for docky has been designed to work well in all 3 Docky modes – 2D, 3D and panel. Better yet it has perfect panel painting scaling and you can even get a matching clock docklet skin!

glassy docky theme


4. Smoothy

‘Smoothy’ for Docky lives up yo its name with a gorgeous silky texture. Whilst designed for 2D mode it also looks good in ‘Panel’ mode. 3D less so.

smoothy docky theme


5. Deep Docky

Mmmm. Add some elegance to your desktop with this dark glass theme. It comes available in 2D, 3D and Panel versions, looks fantastic with elementary and has a gorgeous ‘stepper’ at the bottom which you can see better on the download page.

Deep Docky Theme


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