If we were to describe the default theme for Docky’s clock docklet in ice-cream flavours we’d probably say it was vanilla: i.e. it pleases everyone.

If you’d prefer something with a little more flavor then the following very ace (and very square) ‘glassy’ theme may be just the scoop you’re looking for.

Glassy Docky clock theme


Download the theme @ half-left.deviantart.com/art/Glassy-Clock-For-Docky

Install per the following: –

  • Right click on the downloaded Zip archive and choose ‘extract’
  • Move the extracted ‘glassy’ folder to* /usr/share/local/docky/ClockThemes
  • Right click on the Clock docklet and select ‘Choose theme’
  • Select ‘glassy’

Know of anymore Docky clock themes? Feel free to let us know!

*If the glassy theme doesn’t show up in Docky after installing the theme in this location try /usr/share/docky/ClockThemes/ instead.

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