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Session Management Docklet Coming to Docky

Too lazy to move your mouse to the session applet to restart? Always dreamed of locking your machine from Docky? Been crying out for a hibernate button on your dock? Say hello to forthcoming session […]

19 March 2010
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Ideas: Smarter Window Management for Docky

Docky. I love it. So when Herr Gabriel e-mailed me with his suggestion for improving multiple application window management in Docky I must admit that I was certainly interested. “Since Docky is able to indicate […]

14 March 2010
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Docky Gets ‘Show Desktop’ Docklet

Janet Jackson once sang “The best things in life are free” – which makes me wonder whether she was a closet Linux user! Docky is an example of something amazing yet free. Docky has gotten […]

8 March 2010
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Docky finally removed from GNOME Do

GNOME Do developer Alex Launi announced this morning that, finally, Do and Docky are now separate applications. When we broke the news that Docky and GNOME Do were to split, back in October of last […]

8 March 2010
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Emesene Docky Integration Coming Soon

Docky integration with Emesene is just around the corner thanks to the work of the awesome Tom Cowell (who has already given us a plug-in for Emesene Messaging Menu integration) This helper is, as of […]

24 February 2010
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GTG! Gets Docky Helper, More Awesome

GTG! – our favourite task manager application – has gained itself a Docky helper! A docky helper is a small plugin that adds functionality to the dock icon when the application is open. We’ve already […]

12 February 2010
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Display Thunderbird Unread Count On Docky

‘Docky Unread Count’ for Thunderbird adds an unread e-mail count badge onto your Thunderbird icon in Docky. The add-on uses the Docky Dbus API to add the badge so there’s nothing to install or compile […]

5 February 2010
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Docky Gets Spacing In Panel Mode

Just a quick heads up – Docky has gained ‘spacing’ between launchers and docklets when in panel mode. Click the image below for a better view. This certainly makes panel mode much more usable. Previously […]

3 February 2010
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Deluge Download Stats Come To Docky, CoverGloobus Preferences Get Makeover

I know, i know – you’re sick to your back teeth of Docky/Gloobus posts but the development team don’t make it easy, y’know, by throwing in all these awesome new docklets and helpers… I’ve actually […]

19 January 2010
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Docky Getting Liferea "Helper", Dropbox Docklet

Crikey on a bike! It’s another Docky post! No, this isn’t turning into OMG! Docky! but development is quite breathtakingly fast on it so there’s always lots to tell you about… Read All About It […]

3 January 2010
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A Look Back At Docky in 2009

Dock application ‘Docky’ only came into its singular being this year yet already is one of the most popular 3rd party applications available for Linux (though here’s hoping it makes it into ‘the repo’s come […]

31 December 2009
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2 Gorgeous New Docky Skins

DeviantArt-ist kshegzyaj has created some stunning new themes for use with premier Dock application Docky. Amongst them are the utterly gorgeous looking ‘Plastic Glass’ theme designed for use in Docky’s 3D mode and an “inlaid” […]

28 December 2009