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Enhance your productivity with Docky’s timer applet & the Pomodoro technique

Having read about the Pomodoro Technique for ‘training your brain away from distractions‘ on Lifehacker I wanted to try it out. Toeffectivelydo so I needed a timer. ThankfullyI needed to look no further than my […]

13 June 2010
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‘WindowPane’ Docky theme adds sunlight to any desktop

Excuse the bad window pun – my mind is literally frozen this evening. Nevertheless, on with showcasing the following fantastic Docky theme by krTsukasa titled ‘WindowPane’. No-one wins a goldfish for guessing the inspiration behind […]

27 April 2010
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Remove Anchor Icon from Docky

Did you know that very recently Docky added the option to remove the Anchor icon from the dock? Oh yes! OMG! reader kiwisoup e-mailed me over some instructions that I thought i’d paste here: – […]

22 April 2010
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You choose the best Dock for Ubuntu [Poll]

This weeks OMG! Vote is on everyone’s favourite panel replacers – Docks! Before your raise your hand in favour of one here’s a quite rundown of the entries… Docky Formerly part of launcher application ‘Do’, […]

20 April 2010
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Easy Rearrangment of Docklets on Docky

Reordering Docklets on Docky has now been made easier. Within the Docklet preferences menu now sit new ordering controls making changing the lineup of Docklets a snap. The previous work-around involved removing all docklets and […]

11 April 2010
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Handy Docky crash script Makes the bleeding edge Mum-proof!

If, like many, you enjoy being on the bleeding edge of Docky’s development you’ll more often than not find it crashes and/or hangs. Sometimes this requires you to manually kill it in-order to relaunch it. […]

6 April 2010
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Docky’s GMail Docklet working again in Lucid

One of the Lucid users saddened by the Gmail docklet in Docky not functioning? Well be saddened no more! The ‘bug’ causing the issue has now been fixed meaning Lucid users can once again be […]

30 March 2010
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Docky just keeps on giving: Docky Application Menu

Witness the first iteration of an application menu docklet for Docky: – Video by Ricotz, Thanks once again to GhostLyrics Also please try to keep comments on topic Article originally appeared on

28 March 2010
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Docky Adds Session Docklet by Default

Remember that awesome scroll-tastic session management docklet that we drooled lovingly about middle of last week? Well Docky now includes it by default! Hurrah! Users of the DOcky PPA will see this slip in via […]

28 March 2010
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Docky CPU Docklet to add power management control

Docky fans rejoice – the CPU docklet is getting some proposed changes that allow users to manage CPU speed directly from the docklet itself via some right-click karate. This change isn’t in trunk yet so […]

26 March 2010
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Why Docky’s GMail Docklet Doesn’t currently work in Ubuntu 10.04

Although popular Dock application Docky is available in the repositories of Ubuntu 10.04 one of the most popular Docklets, for it, the GMail notifer docklet, doesn’t currently function in Lucid. Whilst entering your user credentials […]

24 March 2010
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Docky Session Applet Video shows it’s made of win

Remember that ‘Session Applet’ docklet potentially heading to Docky that we posted lovingly about a few days ago? Well here’s a short 10second video of it in action.   Sadly, i don’t know who made […]

23 March 2010