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Ubuntu 11.10 Development Update 16

Today is not a day of long blog entries, but it's a day of celebrating everybody's hard work in Ubuntu 11.10. It's released. So check out what's new! Two pages that did a great job explaining and visualising what's new are the tour and the other one being "the new Ubuntu". Beautiful work!

13 October 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Development Update 15

One week left! Are you excited already? The release candidate is going to get out soon and we will have days full of testing the installation on all architectures, in all kinds of installations scenarios. If you want to help out with the testing, it will be much appreciated. So what's still happening? It's interesting to note that still quite a number of fixes is going in. Also has the planning for the 12.04 ("Precise Pangolin") cycle been started. Matthias Klose sent out an email about the preparation of the P-cycle archive: the wiki page lists a number of significant changes for 'precise', like updates to gcc, binutils, swig and other core components and dropping python2.6.

7 October 2011

We review the System76 Serval Pro: Is it the best Ubuntu laptop ever?

Independent Ubuntu computer manufacturer System76 refreshed their popular 15.6" Serval Professional line earlier this year, upgrading the laptop with an impressively fast second gen Intel Sandy Bridge i7 quad core processor, powerful Nvidia graphics, a lovely 1080p display and lots of options for optical drives and storage. On the outside this model sports a refreshed chiclet-style keyboard, a larger multitouch trackpad, improved aesthetics, and a soft rubber finish. The result is a ridiculously powerful and good looking desktop replacement from System76, and in the base configuration starting at $1,369 USD, competitively priced against other similarly spec'd computers including the latest MacBook Pro.

2 June 2011
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Elementary OS ‘Jupiter’ released, reviewed

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, reading (and, for some of us, hyping) the first release of the elementary project's very own operating system is finally available to download.

31 March 2011
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New releases of Bodhi, PC-BSD and Linux Mint

As the fresh air of Spring approaches my hemisphere it seems many Linux distros are keen to keep in sync with the fauna and flora around me by birthing themselves some new releases. As I'm a busy chap with unnatural quantities of coffee to brew here is a quick pow-pow over-view of what's blooming in Distro land....

27 February 2011
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Bodhi Linux hits Beta, tries to resolve theme issues

You can't please everyone, as Bodhi Linux has found out....

9 January 2011
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Bodhi Linux hits Alpha 4, gets ace new look

The Enlightenment-based Linux distro 'Bodhi Linux' hit Alpha 4 recently - so what's new? Take a look!

2 January 2011
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Intelligent boot splash greeter

Elephants and readers with a good memory may remember an 'ambient boot splash' proposal we featured at the end of October.

21 December 2010
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Jolicloud 1.1 gets detailed

The Ubuntu-based Jolicloud operating system will be sporting some fine updates ‘under the hood in its forthcoming 1.1 release. As is the case with iterative OS updates Jolicloud 1.1, which now uses base packages from […]

20 October 2010
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Newsdump: Netinstall Ubuntu, Opera repo bound & fix that ugly bootscreen

We get sent so many great ideas, awesome tutorials and see applications updates fire out updates quicker than a plasma canon hooked up to the national grid that even we can’t manage to keep up […]

6 May 2010
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Kubuntu gets updated splash screen to match new branding

We reported earlier that a new Kubuntu logo was in the works. Now that the ‘k’ has been properly made in the new ubuntu font, the Kubuntu folks can rejoice as they’re in on all the […]

31 March 2010
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Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 Released; Visual overview

Hot on the heels of it’s older brother, Lubuntu Beta 1 has been made available to download. Improvements Lubuntu beta 1 sees many improvements since the last Alpha release including a beta version of default […]

19 March 2010