Ubuntu Kylin, the newly-sired Chinese edition of Ubuntu, is already starting to mould its own identity.

Aside from shipping local-specific features, like Baidu search integration and a Chinese calendar app, Ubuntu Kylin also provides its own tweaked theme.

Ubuntu Kylin Theme

If you glance at the image of Kylin’s GTK theme embedded below this paragraph you’ll probably not spit any different.

Indeed, aside from placing the buttons to the right (a disorientating decision as, when windows are maximised Unity shows them in the left) the changes are minimal.

Ubuntu Kylin Tweaked Theme in 13.04
Ubuntu Kylin Tweaked Theme in 13.04

That’s not to say that there aren’t any changes in its theme, just that right now they’re hard to spot. The Ubuntu Kylin theme folder has a stack of marginally different window button icons – though these don’t yet take effect when the theme is applied.

Icons, Panel & Other Tweaks

Subtle theme tweaks aside, Kylin provides its own set of icons for folders and device items by default. It also sets the top panel background opacity set to 0.7 – a subtle nudge on the transparency scale but one that better matches the overall look of the Unity interface. Well, until you open an app indicator menu that is!

Kylin’s theme package also adds Plymouth and Unity Greeter logos.

Ubuntu Kylin will be released on April 25th. Ubuntu 13.04 users will be able to install various parts of it – including its theme – directly from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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