Enlightenment based Linux distribution Bodhi has hit Beta status.

The lightweight OS has a few notable changes in this release, not least of which is a ‘first boot configuartion’ wizard that tries to diplomatically tailor Bodhi to your tastes.

For all the wrongness inherent in bamboozling new users with such an approach it has thrown up a few neat things. Well, four to be precise:

Fed up with the constant gripes made against Bodhi’s default theme users now have no choice but to select one on their own – before they can even reach the desktop! With four beautiful new styles/layouts to choose from it’ll be hard to go wrong.

Other changes present include updated packages, a tweaked Plymouth theme and the usual pan-friend serving of bug fixes.

Download @ sourceforge.net/projects/bodhilinux/files/bodhi_0.1.4.iso/download (394MB)