The Ubuntu-based Jolicloud operating system will be sporting some fine updates ‘under the hood in its forthcoming 1.1 release.

As is the case with iterative OS updates Jolicloud 1.1, which now uses base packages from Ubuntu 10.04, benefits from the latest package, app and driver updates, all of which will help make the ‘everywhere OS  one of the easiest computing experience yet.

Notable enhancements include: –

  • Faster bootup/suspend/resume
  • Latest drivers for WiFi, video cards, sound cards, and webcams.
  • Poulsbo, NVidia, and Broadcom enhanced drivers that work out-of-the-box
  • Optimized kernel for Atom CPUs
  • Better touchscreen support
  • Improved battery life
  • Introduction of Plymouth as boot-manager
  • SLiM Login Manager
  • Upgraded native apps 

File:Jolicloud screeshot.jpg

Whilst Jolicloud 1.0 didn’t receive a glittering appraisal from many in the mainstream tech-press – Computerworld felt it was ‘beta quality’; Ars Technica  ‘incomplete’, etc. – it easily boasts one of the most visually stunning interface of any Linux distribution.

Jolicloud 1.1 is scheduled for release ‘shortly’.

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