It’s Ubuntu 16.10 release week, which means you might be feeling a little nostalgic for releases past.

You could take a look back at every Ubuntu default wallpaper, from the very first release to this week’s pending one, or you could set every Ubuntu wallpaper as your desktop background.

The Ubuntu timeline wallpaper has been updated since this post was written. Not all of the information that follows will still apply.


With the Ubuntu Timeline wallaper:


This single desktop wallpaper spans the breadth of Ubuntu’s release history, stretching from the humble Warty Warthog through to, err, Ubuntu 15.10 (it hasn’t been updated with 16.04 or 16.10’s designs).

Despite the omissions it’s striking how pronounced the progression in the Ubuntu color palette is, with the distinction between the era of earthy “human” hues and the dawn of “Ubuntu light” lain stark in the drape.

If I could tweak one thing about the design — which I’m sure you’ll agree is beautifully designed — it would be for the blank slots at the end to be filled in and for an option sans the release names and numbers (small text on a wallpaper rarely works well).

As it is, the Ubuntu Timeline background is available to download in a variety of sizes, from vm-friendly 800×600 through to widescreen 1920×1200, at the link below.

Download Ubuntu Timeline Wallpaper

Download Wallpaper wallpaper